10 Top Temp Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia (Updated 2020)

10 Top Temp Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was officially founded in 1701, and from the start, it was important economically and politically. The Pennsylvania Colony was thriving, and the city was a business magnet and soon became the seat of political power in what would become the United States. The Declaration of Independence was written and signed in the city, and later, the Constitution was as well. The first bank in the United States and the first mint were both founded in Philadelphia, and the city later saw the founding of the first anti-slavery movement in the United States. 

Philadelphia has played a key part in the history of America since the beginning of our country. Today, the city still has a huge role in the nation’s economy.

Philadelphia has long been recognized as a very friendly town for entrepreneurs and is reaching out for the immigrant entrepreneurs and small business owners that have been priced out of more prominent cities like New York. As a business location, Philadelphia is livable, has a well-educated workforce, and is relatively close to both New York and DC, making it easy to get into and out of two major power centers. 

Startups, small businesses, and other companies are thriving in Philadelphia. So like everywhere else, businesses in the city have been subject to the same talent crunch that has dominated business until very recently. Fortunately, Philadelphia has some great temp staffing agencies.

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What is a Temp Staffing Agency?

A temp staffing agency provides temporary employees to companies. This means that they provide an employee for a specified period of time, although that time can be extended depending on business needs and client demands. In addition to providing temps, staffing agencies can provide workers in other ways. A client may choose to hire a temporary employee after they’ve worked there for a period of time. This is commonly known as a temp-to-hire. Other clients may simply hire the temp outright. In the industry, this is called a direct hire.

Clients who plan carefully can benefit from using a temp staffing agency. The question is how to select a good staffing agency and when to use them.


When to use a temp staffing agency

Temp staffing agencies provide good people quickly with relatively little risk. Because temps are employed by the agencies that provide them, your company doesn’t have to worry about administrative expenses or headaches like payroll, taxes, and benefits. 

Companies use temps when they’re growing quickly but aren’t quite ready to add permanent headcount, or when they have a rush for services or products. Companies also use temps to audition new people for jobs, which can help reduce the uncertainty that is a natural part of the hiring process on both sides – the company already knows the temp’s abilities and the temp knows what they’re walking into if they accept an offer of employment.

One of the key aspects of working with a temp staffing agency is to know the right agency for your company. Finding the right staffing agency for your company takes time and effort. You can make the process easier by talking to your colleagues, reading the business press, and doing research with resources like LinkedIn.  To help with your search, here are ten of the top staffing agencies in Philadelphia.

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Ten Top Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia

Innovo Staffing

Innovo Staffing is a staffing agency that concentrates on accounting and administrative professionals. The agency uses their experience in the finance sector to help them quickly find the best candidates for accounting, finance, internal audit, and risk compliance as well as administrative positions. Innovo Staffing works with temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire candidates.


Insight Global Staffing

Insight Global Staffing is a well-established staffing agency that has been around for nearly twenty years. They have 54 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They focus on information technology and finance, but they also work in engineering and healthcare. The company specializes in temporary staff as well as managed services, but they also offer permanent placement as well.


MarketPro Inc.

MarketPro is a specialty staffing agency. They focus on people who have experience in traditional media as well as new media, including digital SEO experts. MarketPro works with all levels of talent, from market researchers to Chief Marketing Officers. The agency provides temporaries and temp-to-perm employees as well as direct hires. MarketPro has recently begun working with retained search. 


PeopleShare Network

PeopleShare Network is a temp agency that focuses on light industrial, administrative, clerical, and call center positions. In addition to placing temporary employees, they also work with direct placements. PeopleShare Network is a well-established staffing agency having been founded nearly 30 years ago. They have offices throughout Pennsylvania, with satellite offices in other states, such as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Illinois.


The Bettinger Company

The Bettinger Company, established in 1955, is a very well-established firm focusing on administrative positions in a variety of fields, including healthcare, food service, and manufacturing. The company also provides light industrial staffing and has recently begun to work with customers in the IT field. The Bettinger Company prides itself on performing thorough background checks and providing training for its temporaries. In addition to offices in Philadelphia, they have offices in King of Prussia.


Staffing Plus

Staffing Plus, based in Haverford, specializes in healthcare. They have positions throughout the industry, from behavioral health to nursing, allied health and pharmacy. They offer contract positions, as well as per diem, temp-to-perm and direct hire placement. Staffing Plus has a large network of facilities throughout Pennsylvania, which makes it easier to find the right position quickly. They seek to develop a relationship with the professionals they work with to help develop careers. 


Rowland Personnel

Rowland Personnel, having been established in Philadelphia almost 50 years ago, has a long history of working with administrative professionals of all levels, with a strong emphasis on accounting and finance. The company prides itself on providing coaching and training to their candidates, and they seek to find the highest quality of candidates in the shortest amount of time possible. Rowland Personnel specializes in the Philadelphia area and works with companies along the Main Line.


Kay Personnel

Kay Personnel is a family-owned and operated staffing agency based in Philadelphia with a second office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The company offers temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent positions, with a focus on light industrial and manufacturing jobs. 


Kane Partners

Kane Partners is a Philadelphia-based IT staffing agency. The company prides itself on having a low submission-to-hire ratio, meaning that they usually find the right candidate quickly which saves the client time and energy. The agency places temporary and temp-to-perm employees, as well as direct hires.


JQ Staffing Services

JQ Staffing Services proudly describes itself as being locally owned and operated. They provide temporary and temp-to-permanent placement. The agency practices a very strong selection process for each candidate and provides a full orientation with information about the client’s policies and procedures prior to the beginning of any assignment. 

The right staffing agency is a true business partner, and their contributions to your company will far outweigh the cost of their fees. The right staffing agency can make your job easier and your company more successful by offering a different perspective and insights you might not have considered before. Be sure to respect and develop the business relationship with your staffing partner as you would any other key provider.

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