How Do Employment Agencies Work for Entry Level Applicants?

Employment Agencies for Entry Level Applicants Innovo Staffing

An entry-level applicant is simply a senior level all-star who hasn’t gotten there yet. Staffing agencies know this and love working with talented entry-level applicants who haven’t yet had the chance to prove themselves. If you are a hard worker, ready to make a good impression, and on the job hunt, many employment agencies would love to help you reach your fullest potential. 


If you haven’t worked with an employment agency before, you may have a number of questions: How do employment agencies work? Are temp agencies worth it? What’s the first step to getting started?

We’ve outlined some frequently-asked questions below in order to help you learn the ropes for working with a staffing agency.


Aren’t staffing agencies for mid or senior level candidates?


Staffing agencies will work with anyone, and don’t actually favor mid- and senior-level candidates. It can be fairly difficult to fill entry-level positions with good candidates who are responsive, professional, and put-together. Companies know the stress and lost profits related to high turnover rates, incompetent employees, and expensive training programs. Stable workers committed to growing and rising through the ranks are exceptionally important for every business. 


Even manufacturing companies are increasingly using employment agencies to fill spots and get great temp work.


By working with a staffing agency, you’re more than just a person looking for a job; you’re a qualified candidate looking for a career. Your willingness to get connected shows employers that you are serious about the job search, are easy to work with, and are willing to reach out and build relationships. A candidate working through a staffing agency is committed to finding a great career, and employers know that.


Do I even want a temporary job?


Companies often won’t hire people that they aren’t certain about. Temporary positions allow a company to assess an employee’s skills, as well as whether the employee fits in their company culture, before making a more expensive commitment. In many cases, temporary jobs transition into full-time positions. At the very least, you’ll refine your skills and earn valuable connections for future roles.


Willingness to take a temp job shows confidence in your own abilities to succeed under pressure. An employer who is looking to fill a full-time position may want an employee who has demonstrated dedication and work ethic through a temporary position. Show up to a temp job motivated to gain the company’s love and trust, and with the ultimate goal of landing a full-time position; your commitment to the company will not go unnoticed.

Workforce visualization
Workforce visualization

Do good companies use staffing agencies to fill spots?


Hiring the best young talent can be difficult, so companies often utilize recruiting platforms to fill their spots. Many top companies, like Google and Apple, find that staffing agencies help fill roles in increasingly challenging marketplaces. Finding quality entry-level candidates who stick with their job and have the talent to climb the ranks is difficult; even top companies are turning to third parties to fill jobs at all levels.


Staffing agencies are on your team throughout the entire hiring process and want you to get a job because when you win, they win. By placing great applicants who love their jobs and remain in the positions long term, staffing agencies gain a reputation for finding the right people for the right culture. Essentially, their business’s success depends on whether you get hired.

Are staffing agencies even real?


Legitimate staffing agencies are not employment schemes. We’ve all seen the emails and spam contacts about how we’ve got an impressive resume or how we’ve been selected for a position. Staffing agencies aren’t scams to get your information. They’re legitimate companies that are working with great employers to fill spots in a crowded market. While job scams are certainly out there, a little research on a staffing agency will help you determine its validity.


A proper staffing agency won’t over-promise or seek to harvest information from you. Legitimate staffing agencies prioritize getting to know you, evaluate your skills and resume, and place you in a great job. It can be really nice to hear how great we are, but be wary of companies that excessively compliment you before they even know you. Staffing agencies are friendly yet professional, seeking to really understand who you are before just tossing out job descriptions.

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What about unemployment or freelance skills?


If you’re coming off of a period of unemployment or a lengthy period of time as a freelancer, it may be hard to explain yourself to prospective employers. Working with a reputable agency supports your resume– and refutes potential criticism regarding any potential gaps or freelance gigs– by presenting you as a legitimate candidate that has good working relationships. 


Quitting the freelance lifestyle can feel overwhelming, so it can be great to have a relationship with a staffing agency to help ease the transition and put some people in your corner. Staffing agencies understand the freelance lifestyle and gig economy, while also having a grasp of corporate culture. It can be difficult to explain your skills and experience to a traditional corporation that may have less understanding of the gig economy. A staffing agency knows how to bridge the gap between freelancers and corporate jobs.


Do I need a teammate?


How do employment agencies work? Are temp agencies worth it? To determine whether a staffing agency is the secret to your next big career move, try our job search. We have an expansive list of jobs that we’re currently trying to fill. Browse positions, and submit your application– we’ll help determine where you’d be a good fit. 


The hiring process can be emotional, difficult, and stressful. Take advantage of opportunities to make the process easier! Getting in touch with a great staffing agency who gets to know you personally can help you learn more about your own goals. Sometimes, we just need to hear ourselves talk out loud about our career goals to really narrow them down and understand who we are and what we’re really looking for. Our hiring process begins with listening and ends when you get a job you love with an employer who loves you.


When you’re backed by an employment agency, you’re backed with the assurance that you’re a good candidate with countless employment options, which helps you be a strong, confident candidate in any interview. 




Even if you’re on the hunt for an entry-level position, you should toss your information to a staffing agency. They might be trying to fill a position that you’re perfect for. With unemployment rates lower than they have been in 50 years, staffing agencies can give you the real options and leverage to negotiate for better contracts and higher salaries in jobs you do get offered.


You’re going to send out a number of resumes and applications. You’re going to participate in a number of interviews. What’s one more? Turn to a staffing agency, and they’ll work exponentially to show you off to employers. 


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