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Recruiting Agencies in New York

For the person who is looking to find a new job, there are a number of recruiting agencies in New York. These include the Media Recruiting Group, On-Ramps, and 80Twenty. Whether you are looking for a career in film, TV, or music, these recruiting companies are the ones for you.


On-Ramps are training programs that aim to boost earnings for working-class adults. The programs focus on building in-demand technical skills and critical human skills. These include teamwork, leadership, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, judgment and ethics.

The most successful on-ramps are in tune with employers’ needs and local labor markets. These programs include wraparound supports, which can help reduce churn and increase employee engagement and retention.

For instance, Chicago-based i.c. stars offers a four-month tech bootcamp. Graduates have landed jobs at Accenture, Cloudbakers, Fast Radius, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and other companies. It also provides 20 months of post-placement support.

New York City-based On-Ramps, meanwhile, specializes in finding talent for mission-driven organizations. Programs have national clients in sectors like education, health, social services, and youth development.

Depending on the program, on-ramp participants go through an intense application process. They are then placed in short internships while undergoing training. Some on-ramps offer stipends. Most on-ramps report that the majority of candidates complete the training.

Unlike a traditional apprenticeship, the apprentice works for the firm offsite. This allows the on-ramp to be the employer of record, and it helps eliminate a lot of the hiring friction.

When on-ramp programs work with a variety of employers, they can tap into a larger pool of talent. However, it’s important to build a partnership based on goodwill and the return on investment for the company.

Media Recruiting Group

Media Recruiting Group is a leading recruiter in the United States and the digital media industries. The company places digital media professionals in all positions. Its services include sales planning, audience development, marketing, and technology.

Media Recruiting Group is a member of Infogroup, which is a renowned recruiting firm based in New York City. Media Recruiting Group’s team of experts includes professionals with extensive sales experience.

The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They specialize in matching talented executives and professionals with top-level, adtech, and other digital positions. In addition to placing experienced professionals at all levels, the company provides digital media training courses for aspiring executives.

Although the company does not advertise itself as the biggest recruiting firm in town, it certainly is the largest in the area. This entails a vast network of over a hundred employees. A staffing agency’s main function is to fill open positions for companies. When a position is posted on a website, the agency will contact potential candidates.

One of the company’s more notable products is the website, which compiles the most interesting and credible company and project descriptions.

Another example is Genuine Search. The company uses several clever methods to locate qualified candidates. Among these are its own research and development department, social media presence, and other smarts.

Lastly, we have the Sam & Lori. While not the largest recruiting firm in New York City, it is a notable one. Their name is a nod to Coca-Cola, and their clients include Apple and Ogilvy & Mathed.


One of the top-rated recruiting agencies in New York is 80Twenty, which operates with a mission to accelerate clients’ businesses. 80Twenty recruits sales and marketing talent in the creative, retail, and digital media industries. It has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as online media services.

It has a team of experienced hiring leaders and recruiters with a wide range of experience. Whether you are a startup seeking a new employee or a Fortune 500 company looking for new leadership, they can help you find the best people for your team.

The Bachrach Group specializes in temporary, contract-to-hire, and permanent staffing for accounting, finance, healthcare, engineering, and marketing. The firm has more than five decades of experience in a variety of industry sectors, including consulting, banking, finance, and technology.

AC Lion, founded in 1990, is one of the leading talent sourcing firms in New York City. The firm works with startups and enterprise clients, and has negotiated more than 1,000 clients with total compensation of $300 million.

Motion Recruitment, located in Silicon Valley, New York, and Europe, focuses on problem-solving and organizational skills, and is an expert in identifying, evaluating, and recruiting the best IT and HR talent. In addition to sourcing and hiring the best talent, they also offer strategic consulting and talent representation.

A-List Associates is a specialized staffing agency based in New York. Their services include administrative assistants, office managers, and perfect employees. They are an established, privately owned business with years of experience, and will increase your company’s value in the city.

Couture Staff

If you’re looking for a staffing agency in New York, you’re in luck. This city is home to a handful of boutique recruiting firms that boast the highest of standards.

One of the more noteworthy agencies on the list is ABS Staffing Solutions. The company has been recruiting in the Big Apple for well over twenty years. Its core competencies include human resources, marketing, and sales. Some of its clients include Apple and Ogilvy & Mathed.

Another is Sam and Lori. They’re namesakes, and they’re no slouches in the marketing and communications world. Aside from supplying marketing talent to global communications companies, they also serve the marketing needs of smaller independents. For instance, Sam and Lori’s client list includes Coca-Cola, Apple, and the United Kingdom’s largest department store.

As for their recruiting techniques, ABS has a robust set of credentials, and the most impressive aspect of the firm is that it doesn’t operate on an ad-hoc basis. In fact, its entire research department is on hand at all times, ensuring it’s never in short supply of the right people.

On a related note, a close friend of mine runs a staffing agency in Los Angeles that has been providing household staffing services across the country for more than five decades. He’s a proud B-certified corporation with a well-earned reputation for delivering high-impact results. To top it off, he’s the resident hamster in chief.

Sam & Lori

A Sam & Lori recruiting agency in New York City is not the sexiest in town, but they have got to be one of the best at matching top-notch talent with top-notch companies. If you are a job seeker looking for a new gig or a hiring manager looking to take your company to the next level, you need a solid way to find candidates and hire the right people at the right time.

The top notch recruitment firms in New York have some of the most innovative and technologically advanced search and selection tools in the industry. Besides supplying talent to some of the most high-profile companies in the world, they also offer strategic consulting and representation services.

In a city that is home to everything, from startups to global brands, it can be a challenge to find a recruiter that can match your company with the most qualified, and best-fit candidates. So it’s no surprise that many employers and job seekers turn to the recruiting agencies to fill their staffing needs. These firms offer a variety of perks from free onsite consultations to perks like a competitive compensation package and the latest technology. Besides finding you the best-fit candidate, they will also help you find the right job description.

There are several notable competitors in the New York City job market. Among them are Clutch Talent, Motion Recruitment, Artisan Talent, and The Robinson Company.


HireFuel is a recruitment and staffing agency that helps businesses find the right people. With a mission to deliver customized solutions and personalized customer service, the company prides itself on its relationships and entrepreneurial mindset.

This recruiting firm is led by Brent Gilinksy. Prior to founding the company, he worked as a recruiter for many successful businesses. He has a deep understanding of the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace.

Aside from offering recruitment and placement services, Hirefuel provides business-to-business opportunities and a mobile career site. They also offer reporting and metrics. The Recruit product allows employers to manage multiple job boards while the Reward incentivizes employees to refer candidates.

One of the top recruiting firms in New York, the Career Group, specializes in creative fields, IT and human resources. It has offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami, and Greenwich.

One of the fastest-growing, privately owned, and award-winning staffing agencies, 80Twenty, has been named one of the “100 Fastest Growing Private Companies” in the country. They have negotiated over $225 million in compensation for their clients.

A full-service firm with an extensive network, the Lucas Group is a national company that serves mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. Their focus is on information technology, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and legal.

The company offers a range of services, including strategic consulting, talent representation, technical recruiting, and permanent job placement. In addition, they have a full-service research team.