Top Companies in NYC that Use A Staffing Agency

Top Companies in NYC that Use Staffing Agencies Innovo Staffing

As the gig economy and e-commerce grow in popularity, companies are working harder than ever to expand their applicant pools and find good talent. Millennials move more often and are more willing to relocate for a job they love than other generations, it’s important to find ways to reach new employees. Even big-name companies based in New York City, a city traditionally known to attract world-class talent, are turning to staffing agencies to rapidly fill openings. Top companies are using staffing agencies to vet talent externally; this allows internal HR resources to be focused on transitioning new hires.


Companies in NYC that Use Staffing Agencies

Companies from ADP, Amazon, and Apple, all the way to Sony, Verizon, and Warner Music, use staffing agencies. Most of the NYC companies using staffing agencies are national and international corporations which also have offices elsewhere. Companies whose roles are well sought-after like PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Microsoft, and Forbes are also on this list. A vast majority of major American businesses enjoy the ease of allowing staffing agencies to fill both contract work and full-time positions. 


Staffing agencies help recommend the right employees for the job and cut down on internal costs. If you’re an employer, the time is right to consider solidifying partnerships with good staffing agencies. If you’re an employee searching for your next job, it might be time to get connected with staffing agencies who will show you off to top companies.


Why Top Companies Use Staffing Agencies

A recent New York Times article discussed the intersection of Google and staffing agencies. In April 2019, Google announced that they would begin working with staffing agencies to service their full-time and contract jobs. The Wall Street Journal has commented that even the biggest players in the business world are having trouble filling roles


It is becoming increasingly common to build connections, and hire, through online means such as social media. This is especially true in the rapidly expanding tech and finance sectors. While this means that companies like American Express and Facebook (who use staffing agencies) have more reach than ever, it also means that they have more competition than ever. While a company like Google or Apple might be able to trade on brand name alone, most big businesses are turning to outsourcing.


Hiring is a time-consuming process. If you get 100 resumes dropped at your door as soon as you open an online job posting, it helps to have someone comb through the candidates and redirect the ones who have the best qualifications. Reading resumes won’t tell you too much about candidates’ soft skills, and staffing agencies can help determine applicants who are confident and personable. Contracting hiring to staffing agencies streamlines the process to help HR manage only the most qualified candidates.


Shaking hands visualization, top companies that use staffing agencies
Shaking hands visualization

What to Look For in a Staffing Agency: as an Employer

Companies can request talent from staffing agencies to help outsource their hiring process and expand their candidate pools. Ultimately, staffing agencies and companies form a symbiotic, B2B relationship. The company wins when the staffing agency provides top talent, and the staffing agency wins when they satisfy the company by providing top talent. There are many stages to the hiring process, and companies shouldn’t waste time and resources gathering qualified applicants.


When it comes to hiring, you want to get what you pay for. Staffing agencies can help you effectively collect a pool of qualified candidates to pick from.


1. Look at their team

A staffing agency will only generate candidates as good as its own team. If you speak to people inside the company and don’t like the way those conversations go, then that’s a strong indication of the type of candidates you’ll get. Staffing agencies generally draw a pool of people that reflect their own process, website, and points of contact.


2. Look at their process

It’s easy to pull and contact candidates from job boards and other sites such as LinkedIn. Find a staffing agency that has a process that is more complex than your own, and that can identify candidates you didn’t know existed.


3. Look at their research

A staffing agency is a mediator. Like any good mediator, a staffing agency’s success is predicated on their knowledge and their relationships. Staffing agencies who know a lot about their recommendations but know little about your industry or business might send you good candidates but might fail to send you the right candidates. You don’t need a talented person– you need the right person. Find a staffing agency that is proactive in question asking, understands your industry and competition, and is willing to work with you to deliver a top candidate.


Workers at the desk, top companies that use staffing agencies
Workers at the desk


What to Look For in a Staffing Agency: as an Employee

It is important to note that staffing agencies aren’t only for temps or for people with bad resumes. Staffing agencies are quick ways to get connected with the right people who have the right connections. The biggest companies in NYC and the rest of the U.S. are starting to increase their relationships with staffing agencies to deliver quality candidates.


When looking for work without the right job search process, the application process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Alleviating that stress begins with be connecting to staffing agencies and seeing what they can do for you. When you’re looking for a staffing agency, remember that this company (their people and brand) will be representing you along with your resume. Look for a group that is professional, trusted, and polished. It’s tough enough out there on your own– make sure that you choose a good teammate.


Do your research; do not be afraid to contact agencies and ask questions. Ask them who they have relationships with, and what they specialize in. Ask for resume reviews and calls with recruiters to get to know you. A staffing agency should build a relationship with you so that they can pitch you personally to top companies.


There’s a saying in business that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and many of us could use a few more people in the “who you know” category. Staffing agencies, especially in huge markets like New York, rapidly expand your “who you know” network. Usually, when you’re interviewing for positions, you’re the one under scrutiny. You face the competition for the scarcity of jobs. Getting connected to a staffing agency puts someone in your corner; it is much easier to achieve success when you feel– and are– supported.



Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Disney all are beginning to build relationships with staffing agencies in order to service their business needs in the exploding gig economy and e-commerce landscapes. Top companies are finding that their HR hiring needs can be meaningfully outsourced. Whether you’re a business looking to upgrade hiring practices or a candidate looking for your next job, staffing agencies may be the right fit for you. Reach out to us today!


At Innovo Staffing, we believe in a customized approach to every candidate profile and employer job search. We create enduring relationships with every client, so we can provide top-notch service with the best available talent.


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