Outside-the-Box Questions To Ask In An Interview

Outside-the-Box Questions To Ask In An Interview Innovo Staffing


Interviews are performances. The person hiring attempts to set the stage and create an open-ended script that the job candidate can play within and answer to. As a hiring manager, you’ll get candidates that are as good as the drama that you can create in the interview. As a job seeker, you’ll do well in the interviews if you can play the character that is set up for you well. In order to create a dramatic, awesome interview experience, both sides need creative interview questions.


Of course, there’s another factor that affects interviews–the pool of candidates. Without generating enough good candidates, the right one might not even be in the field! Getting help with the hiring process through a staffing agency can help you fill out that field. If you know what you’re looking for, you can even request talent!


Whether you’re making the big hire or are searching for your dream job, creative interview questions can help you crush the interview. In this post, we’re going to check out some great interview questions that you might ask as either the interviewer or interviewee.


Good job interview questions to ask Innovo Staffing
Good job interview questions to ask

Good Job Interview Questions To Ask

Hiring the right person can be tough. Getting the conversation to move well can be critical to finding the right person. One way that you can get the conversation to move well, as either the person being interviewed or the person conducting the interview, is to use some tips and tricks from the dating world. Using first date tricks for a great conversation can really pop open the interview!

Interesting Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some interesting interview questions and answers. One of the things that you want to do in the interview is to break the ice and get everyone’s personality flowing as well as possible. Build rapport by engaging in interesting conversation. Remember that whether you’re the one conducting the interview or the one interviewing, this is the goal of both parties! A common goal should help everyone to relax and get into it:


  • What are some of the comedy influences in your life? How would you describe your sense of humor? If you’re answering a question about things that you find interesting, go with your gut answer, and not with the answer that makes you sound good. Remember that it won’t really matter what you say, it matters how you make the interviewer feel. It’s hard to make them feel good by delivering an inauthentic answer.
  • If you were on a desert island, what three musical albums would you listen to for the rest of your life? Ah, the old desert island question. It’s a great way to get to the heart of what people love. Take this question slowly and seriously.
  • If you could sit down to lunch with 5 people and just talk to them about anything, who would the people be? This helps you see the kind of people that they look up to. If you’re answering this question, try to draw people from different areas of life.
  • If there was one piece of art in the world — book, music, painting, or movie — that you could get credit for as the creator, what would it be and why? A great question about aesthetics as well as ownership. If you’re answering this question, stress on the honesty aspect of it again. You won’t get very far by pretending that you love The Beatles if you really are more of a Sinatra fan.
  • If you had to start a company today, what would it be. Are there any ideas you’ve kicked around for a while? This is a great question because it gets to the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re answering the question and don’t have any companies ready to go, you can’t go wrong with a creative design agency or a coffee shop. Pick something that speaks to you!


Insightful interview questions Innovo Staffing
Insightful interview questions

Insightful Interview Questions and Answers

In addition to interesting interview questions which can help show the creativity and personality of the person that is being interviewed, insightful interview questions can help pierce to the heart of their character and motivations. Character and motivations are the skills that will matter when it is a Thursday evening and they are exhausted. When the chips are down, our motivations are the things that will carry us through.


  • What are your self-care practices? Asking about self-care practices will do more than just tell you if you have someone who bikes or meditates, it will tell you about the way that they consider self-care to be important. Wellness, self-care, and positivity are absolutely critical to an employee who can function well in the long run. There was a day when employers just cared about “faithfulness,” which is to say you wanted an employee who stuck around for decades. Now, employers care more about burnout rates and employees who can take care of themselves. It’s better to have someone functioning at a high level for 10 years than someone burned out who stays for 20.
  • How do you handle rejection? Rejection pops up in work all the time, from clients to coworkers, projects to social settings. Use some psychological science to answer this one!
  • Where do you find meaning in life? This question can be super deep, but can also be a bit playful if asked in the right tone and context. If you’re answering, try to talk about finding meaning at work.


Bringing it to the Interview

The great thing about an interview these days is that employers really want you to start talking. In a sense, if there is anything that you really want to say or talk about, you’ll be able to get there from any interview questions that they are asking. Let’s look at some examples of thinking outside the box interview responses that will really show off your personality and charisma. Being a confident candidate is one of the best ways to crush an interview.


  • Talk about your biggest failure. Well, unless you tanked a company or got fired from your previous role. Then maybe ease off the gas on the failure conversation, and maybe sidestep the may we contact your previous employer question. Talking about failures will accomplish two major interview goals. You’ll show that you’re resilient and are able to learn from your mistakes, and you’ll also show that you can be honest and real. 
  • Tell a good story. Using storytelling in an interview can help you connect to the person conducting the interview, and it’s just plain interesting. People love listening to good stories. It doesn’t have to be a funny story or a story where you learn a valuable lesson. Simply talking about something that you’ve experienced can be interesting. Play to your strengths here. If you have a popstar vibe, talk about authenticity and love. If you have a Hemmingway personality, tell a serious story about a decision that you had to make. If you’re a comedian, polish a story into a bit.


As you move through the interview process we wish you luck! Make sure you get set up with the right candidates (or become a well-matched candidate!) with Innovo Staffing!


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