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Which Are the Best Recruiting Platforms?

When it comes to recruiting, there are many different sites you can use. From Indeed to Rakuna, there are some excellent resources that you can use to find great talent for your business. But which is the best?


If you’re looking for the best recruiting platform for your business, Indeed may be the perfect option. It offers a robust set of features for employers and candidates alike.

For employers, the free-for-all job board from Indeed allows you to advertise your job openings to hundreds of thousands of potential applicants. Plus, you can message your candidates and virtually interview them in an effort to make the most qualified hire.

In addition to its job-posting services, Indeed also has a number of tools for tracking your hiring campaigns. This includes a video tool and a handy dashboard with a variety of statistics.

For employers, the Indeed Hiring Platform is a powerful tool that can free up your team to focus on high-value activities. From scheduling interviews to automating communications, the Hiring Platform’s many features can save you time and money.

The site also allows you to search and screen candidates, manage your candidate database, and send out interview prep materials. And, for businesses looking for a cheaper alternative to LinkedIn, Indeed is a great choice.

While there are other similar sites that offer more features and more functionality, Indeed is a worthy contender in the world of recruitment. With its impressive suite of features, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular job boards around.


ZipRecruiter is one of the top recruiting platforms available today. Its innovative features help businesses find the perfect candidates quickly. The platform is based on an AI-powered algorithm to match people with job listings that are a fit for their skill set.

Aside from offering an array of job posting options, ZipRecruiter also offers a variety of other services to assist in your recruitment efforts. This includes a hiring pipeline feature, which helps you keep track of your candidates’ progress from the start of the application process to the end.

While it’s not the best at every task, ZipRecruiter does a great job of matching people with jobs that are a good fit for their skills and qualifications. Plus, the centralized dashboard makes it easy to see your saved candidates and messages.

Another cool feature is the ability to add custom labels to your postings. You can even send out invitations to candidates to apply for a position, without having to leave the platform.

ZipRecruiter boasts a huge database of over 36 million resumes, which it sifts through before providing you with a list of the best candidates for the job. However, a lot of users complain about spammy matches.


Rakuna is a recruitment platform that allows you to streamline the campus recruiting process. It includes an online, mobile, and cloud-based recruiting software as well as a comprehensive event management platform.

This software allows you to manage multiple candidates at once in real-time. You can also schedule interviews and set up follow-up communication.

Rakuna offers an easy-to-use search function, as well as a customizable evaluation form. You can also track and analyze reports, and collaborate with your recruiters.

This software can be integrated with other systems, including CRMs and Recruiting CRMs. Using a single application for all hiring pipelines saves you time. The company also claims to provide applicant tracking and automated email messaging.

Another benefit of using Rakuna is that it allows you to interact with potential students through a mobile app. With a single touch, you can capture resumes, send invitations, and even customize your offers.

Aside from its recruiting application, Rakuna provides a robust interview scheduling tool, which can help improve your candidate response rate. It also offers an all-access dashboard for tracking and analyzing your recruitment data.

Rakuna is an official Teamtailor reseller. As such, it has a team of dedicated support staff who can help you get the most out of the software.


Hired is a powerful candidate sourcing platform that flips the hiring process on its head. Its unique features make it one of the best recruitment platforms out there.

The ATS product includes an advanced algorithm that uses machine learning and analytics to eliminate bias, find suitable candidates, and organize qualified applicants. This tool also allows users to filter reliable sources, track recruiting KPIs, and make more informed hiring decisions.

There are many different kinds of recruitment tools to choose from, and each has its own unique features. Some of the best are designed to work with multiple job boards, while others are dedicated to a single site.

Among the most popular platforms are Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn. While the job board features may vary, they all provide a large pool of available candidates. These sites have a number of advantages, including ease of use, affordability, and a wide range of services.

Another platform that can help you find the right hire is BambooHR. The system organizes candidate information, helps you to maintain your hiring pipeline, and provides automatic alerts. You can also create custom templates, organize your email communications, and receive in-system messaging.

If you need more specialized features, you can choose UltiPro, which includes an applicant tracking system and a host of other features. It can also help you with performance reviews, benefits, and payroll.


The ideal recruiting platforms are flexible, user-friendly and scalable. In addition, they offer a wide variety of HR services that will help you identify and hire the best candidates.

Recruiting talent is a challenge for small business owners. Most lack the financial and manpower resources to hire a full-time recruiter. But with the help of the right recruitment platform, you can find the perfect candidate and save money at the same time.

One of the most popular and effective recruiting platforms is LinkedIn. With over 750 million active members, LinkedIn has an extensive hiring pool. By creating an account, you can post jobs on the site, advertise on targeted ads, set up a web page and interact with other recruiters.

Other recruitment sites, like Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster, also offer great features. However, they may not be the right option for your specific needs.

iCIMS, the leading talent acquisition and management software provider, offers a complete package. It has clients such as Uber, Microsoft and UPS. Aside from sourcing and hiring, iCIMS offers mobile options, a career site, social recruiting, and applicant tracking.

The iCIMS ATS product uses machine learning and analytics to eliminate bias. Using iCIMS, you can build a company’s career page, schedule interviews, and automate job posting to hundreds of sites.


Choosing the right recruitment platforms can help your business stand out from the crowd. It can help you find the best candidates, and it can also save you a lot of time and money.

The top 14 recruiting platforms can help you automate administrative tasks and manage your applicant life cycle. They can also help you attract the best tech-first talent, and retain them.

iCIMS Talent Cloud is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that uses AI, predictive analytics and machine learning to screen thousands of resumes and identify the most relevant candidates. It also allows you to collaborate with your hiring teams to identify the ideal matches for your open positions. You can also use text messaging to engage with job seekers.

ZipRecruiter is a well-known employment marketplace that boasts a vast database of candidates. It offers both paid and free packages. The paid packages include a search feature, a closing feature, and a recommendation tool that works with a powerful algorithm to match job listings to candidates.

Avature is another recruiting software that offers a plethora of features. Its email templates are customizable, and it features A/B testing and artificial intelligence. Users can also create customized microsites, run automated searches and import leads at scale.


WayUp is a recruiting platform that connects students and employers. It provides a comprehensive suite of recruitment tools, guides, and career coaching to help early-career professionals land their ideal opportunities.

The service offers a wide range of job categories including paid internships, part-time positions, and full-time positions. Aside from that, it also offers a number of helpful resources, including guides for improving interviewing skills, making a good first impression, and becoming a confident public speaker.

In addition to providing guidance, WayUp also provides an unbiased digital screening of candidates. This ensures the quality of hires, especially if the organization is looking for diverse recruits.

WayUp has more than 6 million diverse candidates in its database. As a result, it can be useful for any kind of organization.

WayUp has worked with a number of top companies to get them the right candidates. One of its customers is a global biopharmaceutical company. Using WayUp’s automated concierge sourcing, the company has found a significant number of talented candidates.

The company has a team of recruiters who know how to find the right people for their company. They have partnered with a number of large organizations, such as Disney and Aramark.