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Hiring the Best Young Talent Innovo Staffing

Sometimes jobs are hard to come by and hiring managers get to be choosey; in other cases, it’s a mad race to fill empty spots so the whole project doesn’t fall apart. In any case, it’s the job recruiter’s responsibility to fill these open positions with candidates that match the criteria. They don’t want just anyone, and there are quite a few ways in which recruiters narrow down their options and select the best applicants. Many of today’s recruiting platforms are intuitive enough that you can use them without a specialist, but do your research so you can find one that makes sense for the size and nature of your company. The ways of old still have their uses, but it’s typically wise to use them in conjunction with more modern approaches. Keep in mind that even the best job recruiters can’t force a stellar candidate to take a lowball offer, so what the business actually brings to the table will always be a determining factor. Let’s take a look at how job recruiters go about finding the best young talent.


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5 of the Best Recruiting Platforms

The recruiting platform you use can make all the difference, but as always, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do. Think about the size of your company and its needs as well as its budget when you search for the best recruiting platform. Here are five of the top recruiting platforms out there in the SMB, medium, and enterprise categories.

Workable (SMB) recruiting platform

Small businesses aren’t all that small anymore, and they can grow rapidly thanks to a low barrier to entry combined with constant engagement and opportunity. If you need some help handling the hiring for your SMB, Workable might be one of the options you come across. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes, but it’s optimal for those on the smaller side.

Workable will track your KPIs and remove data entry from the equation, and it’s quick and easy to set up without the help of a specialist. It works to streamline the hiring process so you can find the best candidates without doing all the dirty work. Workable also taps into your users’ social networks to mine useful data, and it allows you to set up a referral program that rewards users for sending applicants your way. Since young people are the most active on social media, this platform can be a great way to reach those just breaking into the workforce.

JobAdder (Medium) recruiting platform

If you’re in the market for a slightly bigger recruiting platform, JobAdder may be your ideal solution. Recruiters can use this tool to publish job listings to hundreds of boards and social media platforms at once, which can make the whole hiring process much more streamlined. JobAdder gives users a customizable dashboard to track applicants throughout the process as well as tools to optimize interactions between all parties involved.

Whereas Workable can be a great choice for SMBs looking for younger talent, JobAdder broadens the spectrum. With the ability to post job listing across different boards and social media platforms with a simple click, it’s as easy as it could be to reach applicants of different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

JazzHR (Medium) recruiting platform

JazzHR is another great tool for medium-sized businesses because it’s affordable, powerful, and easy to use. This platform helps you create a hiring system that results in quality candidates and can be scaled as your company grows. Its applicant tracking features range from resume parsing to interview scheduling to onboarding. JazzHR uses parallel processing to complete multiple tasks at once, helping you manage your time better and producing a more efficient operation.

iCIMS Recruit (Enterprise) recruiting platform

The hiring and recruitment platform you use becomes even more important when it comes to the enterprise level. Large businesses have a higher demand for communication, which means they need better integration from their recruitment software. iCIMS is one of the biggest names in SaaS, as evidenced by the fact that they’re the top choice of such entities as GNC, Hertz, and the New York Public Library. With social media integration, job referral programs, and a mobile-optimized recruitment portal to name just a few features, iCIMS Recruit is a safe bet for larger jobs.

Jobvite (Enterprise) recruiting platform

Also appropriate for the enterprise level, Jobvite is founded on the principle of Continuous Candidate Engagement, which engages candidates at exactly the right time to prompt them to action. The platform aims to make job recruitment faster and cheaper while producing better results. In addition to advanced analytics and onboarding features, the platform offers on-demand video screening and mobile optimized career sites.

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Hiring without recruiting platforms

These platforms have revolutionized the way job recruiters work, but they’re not the only viable options. Many of the old recruitment methods are still alive and well, and the social media boom has led to more creative opportunities as well. Beyond getting people’s attention, however, salary and benefits are still the key factors people look at.

  • Job Fairs

    — They’ve been taking place in high schools and on college campuses for generations, and they’re not going anywhere yet. Job fairs are convenient because young people get to meet a bunch of prospective employers at once (and vice versa). However, the applicant pool is completely random so depending on your industry, a job fair might be hit or miss. If your target demographic includes young, educated people, on the other hand, you might want to set up a booth.

  • Referrals

    — Many of today’s recruiting platforms include referral program features, but there’s still plenty of value in setting one up in your own office. The best people to decide who should join the team are typically on the team itself, and referral programs activate current employees’ networks.

  • Social Media

    — Social media is a blessing in that it gives businesses the opportunity to tap into new markets for little to no cost. Businesses can use their social media platforms to spread the word that they’re hiring, share and retweet links to application pages, and encourage fans and followers to let their friends know. If you have a knack for viral marketing, you could find yourself swimming in grade A applicants.


Job recruitment software, job fairs, and social media marketing will direct promising prospects towards a business, but it’s up to the hiring manager and the business itself to get the applicant to accept the job.

Two of the major decision-makers are payment and benefits.

  • Competitive Wages

    — Many people drop everything and move across the country to accept a job offer that pays the right amount of money. People need money to live comfortably, and people with industry experience will scoff at offers lower than they expect. If you want to attract real talent, you have to make it worth their while with the promise of a competitive salary.

  • Benefits Packages 

    — While businesses are legally required to offer employees certain benefits, it’s the optional benefits that tend to stand out. Health insurance packages paid time off, and retirement plans are all valuable on their own, and businesses can use these perks to draw in talented workers. Even a trendy location or a comfortable atmosphere may encourage young talent to apply.

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Final Thoughts

Companies are always looking to pull in new talent, for, with them, you get fresh ideas and perspective. While this process may be long and grueling, it doesn’t have to be. Full-service companies like us at Innovo take care of the hard parts; we value human interaction that will result in employees who are excited and passionate about your company’s mission.

We wish you luck as you search for the best young talent!

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