Unusual Careers for Accountants

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Unusual Careers for Accountants

The average worker changes jobs about twelve times before the age of 50, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  However, if you have an accounting degree, opportunities may feel limited. There is definitely a financial benefit to having invested in a specialized skillset. However, more specialized skillsets often mean less variety in career options.  If you have an accounting degree and are looking to shake things up, while still utilizing your skillset as an accountant, there are a lot of interesting options out there.  Here’s a list of five unusual careers for accountants that are sure to relight your financial fire!


  1. Procurement Analyst

Essentially, a procurement analyst is responsible for negotiating and purchasing products from wholesale distributors and manufacturers.  Obviously, a strong background in finances is a must, so an accountant is perfect to assume the role.  This is a great option for accountants who are a bit more extroverted and enjoy a good research project. You’ll spend your days sampling products, speaking with sellers, and researching market trends.  This job is a great way to shift gears, while still leveraging your accounting skillset.

  1. Auditor/Quality Assurance Manager

As an accountant, there is no question you’ve got an eye for detail.  You can put these skills to use as an auditor either for a franchise, or an independent quality assurance agency.  If you’ve got a more creative side, you might be interested to know that auditors are often part of SOP (standard operating procedures) development.  This means, they help shape policies and protocol for financial reporting and record keeping.

  1. Human Resource Financial Manager

As more companies struggle to keep turnover down, there have been some significant changes to human resource departments.  One change, in particular, is the addition of a new role called Human Resource Financial Specialist/Manager.  This individual is brought on to explain and counsel employees of a company with regards to company benefits.  From 401k investments to pension plans, employees who are struggling to understand or would like help optimizing available options have access to a financial manager to ask any manner of financial question.  For obvious reasons, this is a natural fit for accountants, although some companies will require you to obtain additional state licensing to discuss life insurance or more complicated investment opportunities.

  1. Actuary

If you’ve got a mind for theorems and statistics, then this may be your dream job.  An actuary works for insurance companies and is responsible for determining risk and assigning a dollar value to it.  Most actuaries must have a minimum of a bachelor’s in Accounting to qualify for this position.  With experience, salaries in this in industry can reach up to $250,000 annually.

  1. Forensic Accountant

Most forensic accountants are employed by government agencies or law firms.  A forensic accountant’s primary objective is to analyze financial documents of an individual or organization in search of illegal or fraudulent accounting practices.  Basically, you get to be a detective with better hours and much better pay.  Forensic Accountants also see a lot of court time as they are often used to give expert testimony and explain their findings.

Talking to a Recruiter from a specialty Accounting / Finance staffing firm also can help you explore your skills and interests to find that perfect match. For more ideas on careers for accountants, be sure to check out our page!

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