Types of Jobs for Direct Hire Through a Staffing Agency

Direct Hire Through A Staffing Agency Innovo Staffing

Staffing is a massive global industry because it fills necessary roles for both job seekers and companies.

Companies need top talent to fill unexpected vacancies, temporary positions, and specialized jobs. Job applicants need better and bigger networks and can leverage direct hire through staffing agency connections to find full-time positions.


Due to the speed and mobility of the digital economy, staffing agencies are emerging as key players in the new work landscape. Getting talented, committed workers in this economy is proving challenging, even for top-brand companies. Staffing agencies do the tasking work of gathering talent and sifting through resumes to find not only someone with the skills on paper, but also someone who has the right personality and lifestyle to fit a company’s culture.


Direct hire allows companies to fill critical, full-time positions with a specially-curated pool of talent provided by an agency. Agencies have a number of talented candidates looking for full-time jobs, and love filling full-time positions with direct hire.


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Various People at the Table

Not just temp jobs


Staffing agencies help both workers and employers navigate a crowded– but profitable– gig economy. As companies grow, they may need to transition those temporary jobs and freelance contractors to full-time positions.


The crowded job market has made employers nervous about finding their next employee; some companies have resorted to hiring skilled employees even without openings. Since talent and personnel are the most important resources of any company, and connections are the best way to find quality talent and personnel, companies are using staffing agencies to form those connections.


Staffing agencies, therefore, aren’t just for temp jobs. Staffing agencies are relied on by big corporations to fulfill employment needs and offer workplace solutions. While temporary jobs are certainly part of this market, employers lose a lot of money on turnover and are looking for qualified candidates to fill full-time positions. 


Companies use staffing agencies to fill full-time roles for a variety of reasons. Staffing agencies give better access to a wider group of candidates and help connect quality talent who never would have considered a company without a staffing agency to bridge the gap. Many candidates using staffing agencies are great employees looking for full-time positions that know their talents and skills are valuable enough to be pitched by a company. When a job seeker uses a staffing agency, it shows that they are confident in their ability to connect with people and stand out from the crowd. 


Digital communication direct hire through staffing agency
Digital communication

Filling full-time positions without a big HR department


Through most staffing agencies, employers can discover temporary workers as well as request full time talent. Even big companies use staffing agencies to reach untapped potential, but often smaller companies love the resources that staffing agencies offer. For smaller businesses without extensive HR departments, hiring can be an intense drain on resources. They have to dedicate time, energy, and money to creating a list of candidates and screening every one of them. The initial interview process often cuts out a large percentage of candidates based on personality and availability.


A staffing agency can perform the initial round of phone interviews for you, creating a list of candidates according to your specifications. If you need someone who has a bubbly personality, full-time availability, and great design and word processing skills, a staffing agency can compile a list of candidates that meet these descriptions. The company can then interview the list of strong candidates and have a new, qualified, full-time employee in a short amount of time.


Skip the job hopping and gig economy


Job hopping is becoming common for today’s workers, but it might not be the right move for everyone. While some positions need contracts and temporary hires, growing businesses often need consistent, full-time workers. As freelance lifestyles and gig economies start to wear on millennials, those talented gig-based workers will seek to transition to full-time positions. 


It’s difficult for employers to decide if they’ll need temporary or contract-based assistance versus a full-time employee. Contract workers are often cheaper but provide less standardized work quality and type. If you need some web design and coding done, it can be really difficult to know if it’s best to hire a full-time employee or to simply get those projects done at a flat rate.


Staffing agencies attract all kinds of employees, but can especially attract versatile employees with extensive freelance skills who are looking to begin full-time positions in a direct hire process. For smaller businesses that need full-time employees who are jacks of all trades, direct hire can offer you the first shot at a multi-talented employee whose skills far exceed their cost. Skipping the freelance and contract communication and hiring will save your business time, and might be the right move to help you grow. Scaling is a difficult process and is often dependent on the right employees with the right vision. A staffing agency can connect a growing corporation with a freelancer looking for a stable career.


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Workers near the computer


Direct hire for job seekers


It’s easy to wonder whether or not staffing agencies are actually good for your job search, especially if you’re looking for a full-time position. The job search is a challenging shuffle. Whether you’re out of work or are unhappy in your current job, it can be intimidating to cultivate a list of good positions to apply for. Finding a job through a staffing agency in the direct hire segment allows you to get matched with great full-time positions.


Even if a company is using both a staffing agency and internal recruitment team to fill a position, a staffing agency might be able to give you some insight into the company to help you better prepare for interviews. While there are certain things to avoid in an interview, it is the things that you do that will set you apart from other candidates. A staffing agency can be a resource regarding a company’s culture so that you know the things to highlight and stories to tell.


Working with a staffing agency shows dedication and personality. A candidate who can work with other people to land a job is a candidate who takes pride in their abilities and skills and is confident enough to work with a staffing agency to find the right position. 


For job seekers, staffing agencies have the same goal that you do: to land you a job that you love at a company that loves you. If you succeed in your job, the staffing agency succeeds in its job. Since companies are looking for full-time employees to fulfill direct hire positions, staffing agencies need those part-time and freelance workers who are ready to transition to full-time jobs.




Using direct hire through staffing agency networks can allow employers to get a larger pool of more qualified candidates without footing the bill for expensive HR departments. In a gig economy with increasing outsourcing, even major corporations and employers are using third-party services to outsource their own hiring. Companies pay contract-based coders, photographers, consultants, and writers– why not pay staffing agencies to find the best talent? People are the most important resource that any company has. Just like how hiring the best photographer leads to the best product images, you get what you pay for. The extra cost of a staffing agency will bring you the best employment opportunities

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