Why Top Companies Are Hiring Temp Staffing Agencies

Why Top Companies Are Hiring Temp Staffing Agencies

America’s Recovery Will Rely Heavily on Hiring Temp Staffing Agencies

In February and March 2020 the coronavirus spread throughout the NY, NJ, and CT areas creating an almost overnight crisis for state and local public health agencies. Hospitals rapidly became nearly overwhelmed by a surge in cases and quickly turned to hire temp staffing agencies specializing in medical personnel to provide the frontline workers needed to care for an ever-increasing COVID caseload. 

During a time of severe disruption, hospitals demonstrated their ability to remain agile and pivot to address immediate changes in “business conditions.” In this case, they saved lives, and they did it in part by hiring temporary staffing agencies who provided workers with the skills required to deal with the changes in “business conditions.”

Marshaling medical specialists to meet what fortunately was a temporary requirement, maybe an extreme example of what companies need to do to successfully continue operations, but it does demonstrate the benefits of agility and flexibility as guiding principals in business decision making. And that is why top companies hire temp staffing companies of all kinds and why temp workers will play an essential role in this country’s economic recovery.

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When the New Normal Keeps Changing

It has always been true that the only thing that is “normal” in business is change. However, the rate of change has dramatically increased over the past two decades thanks principally to ready access to the internet and warp-speed developments in technology. 

Entire new industries like e-commerce, green energy, social media, and other information services have significantly changed the way money is spent, regulations are created or amended, how supply chains run, how businesses communicate with customers and so much more.

When the pandemic hit, it kicked the “change” phenomena into high gear challenging businesses to immediately adapt to multiple challenges to their core operations. Some businesses have thrived in this environment. Others, including many old-line brand names, have shuttered their doors. Forbes asked a panel of executives how they succeeded when faced with seemingly game-ending challenges. To a person they said dealing with change through agility, adaptability, commitment to service and value-added tenets were essential along with management willing to embrace the idea that challenges are just new opportunities.


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Staffing for the New Agile, Adaptable, Economy

Hiring temp staffing agencies allowed NY hospitals to quickly scale front-line workers to meet the challenges of the pandemic. Likewise, when Beauty Care Choices’ e-commerce site surged with new business, they were able to fill newly created customer service, distribution, social media, and digital marketing positions tripling their size in just two weeks by leaning heavily on temporary staffing agencies.

Traditionally, temporary staffing companies have been considered primarily as sources for temp administrative help. That stereotype is about as relevant as thinking Amazon is only an online bookstore. Today, temp agencies specialize and offer vetted talent for the healthcare, legal, engineering, financial, light industrial, IT, sales, human resources, insurance, logistics, and yes, administrative (Amazon still sells books) segments along with many others.

Not surprisingly, this trend towards the use of temporary workers has resulted in a segment of the labor market that prefers temporary employment. Working with an appropriate, reputable temp agency can offer the temp worker the freedom, control, career-enhancing experience, and life/work balance that is important to them. Still, many temporary workers are in-between full-time employment and use temp assignments as financial stop gaps and/or to enhance their career experience. 


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The Value Temp Staffing Agencies Bring to the Table

For companies that embrace temporary workers as a strategy to achieve agility and adaptability, hiring temporary agencies is a logical business decision. Staffing companies cost. All businesses do. However, the investment made in a temporary worker strategy not only pays off financially by optimizing labor vs. demand, it minimizes potential employer liability for processing payroll, payroll taxes, workman compensation insurance, state unemployment rates, and compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws and regulations. 

In addition, using professional staffing companies minimizes HR resources required to manage a flexible workforce and presents the company with opportunities to try out innovative workforce utilization without risk should it fail.

Finally, hiring a temp agency can be your solution for those difficult to find and/or hire positions particularly in IT or digital technology. Much of the talent in these fields (and other professional sectors) are project-driven and are natural recruits for employment agencies that can offer choices in interesting work.

Having a trusted, reliable staffing partner allows senior management to quickly take advantage of new opportunities and provides a level of flexibility and adaptability not previously available.

Hiring the Right Temporary Employment Partner(s)

When an organization makes the decision to hire a temporary agency, it should exercise the same care and due diligence it would use when selecting a bank, tax accountant/advisor, insurance broker, or any other essential outside business partner. Selecting the right agency can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability. Conversely, choosing an inappropriate temp agency can set strategic plans back and create a more conservative, less flexible atmosphere for management.

When selecting an agency to consider:

  • Time in business. Today, nothing says success like still being in business. It is safe to assume that a “people” business that is thriving during pandemic conditions is led by management that embraces adaptability and understands the necessity of flexible responses to new challenges, the very characteristics the business is seeking to instill in their own organization. 
  • A credible understanding of your business. Ensure that management and recruiters assigned to your account have first had experience in your industry. They should speak the industry language and be current with industry issues. Beyond that, they should spend time understanding what your objective is, how the staffing position*s) will contribute to the objective, and what the values and culture of your organization are. 
  • Proven recruiting processes. Placing a temporary worker requires the same recruiting, vetting, evaluation, and understanding of the worker’s goals and culture as recruiting a permanent worker. A professional temp agency should be able to demonstrate the processes and technology that are currently in use and how they can achieve the perfect placement for the organization’s needs.
  • Recognized as a leading resource. References are always important, particularly during a pandemic. A client base that continues to support an agency can tell you two things. First, the temp agency consistently meets the customer’s expectations, and secondly, the clients are the kind of companies that have adapted agility and have been able to pivot to meet new challenges. You are known by the people you associate with and a temp agency that has successful customers speaks well of the agency.

Adopting an agile business model and hiring a temp staffing agency can be the most critical actions a company can take during the pandemic. If your needs include temporary financial or administrative professionals, please make sure to call Innovo Staffing in Philadelphia. We are always happy to share our capabilities and recommendations with potential partners.

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