Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week


The UK’s FRC is under attack

Alan Miller has gone on record accusing the FRC of gross oversights and has even gone so far to say that conflicts of interest may play a role in the misconduct.  Read more…


More delays on the Tax Reform Bill corrections

Despite tremendous pressure from accounting professionals, it looks like it still may be a while before accountants receive an official corrected version of the Tax Reform bill.  Read why…


Are companies doing enough to develop their accounting professionals?

According to recent study by the ACCA, young accounting professionals in public sector positions feel as if they don’t have a strong career path.  Read more on how this may impact public sector organization’s ability to fill much needed positions.


Democrats voice their concerns that tax changes mostly benefit the wealthy

Although the opposing views on this issue have remained unchanged, there is new a new third party report that has strengthened the democratic argument.

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