Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week 5/29/2018


TaxDay becomes every baseball player’s “must have” app

TaxDay, an expense tracking app for traveling professionals, recently announced themselves as the official app of MLB.  Get the details here….

More clarification on the TCJA

The IRS recently released updated information on the TCJA regarding expense deductions related to travel.  Some of the items addressed were mileage, depreciation, and moving costs.  Read the full story here…

New phishing scam aimed at tax professionals

The IRS is warning tax professionals of a new phishing scam.  In these e-mails, cyber criminals are posing as state accounting professionals and asking for confidential information.  Learn how to protect yourself from the threat here…

The latest on how The TCJA may affect local and state taxes

In a recent clarification of the TCJA pertaining to “payments in lieu of state and local taxes”, now allows donations to government funds to be treated as a charitable deduction.  Get the full story here…


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