Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News This Week


Here are some of the top accounting news stories this week:

FASB loses a new member

Harold Monk recently announced his resignation from FASB, after only serving one year.  Monk has long been an influential member in the accounting profession. Read more about the search for his replacement, here….


Is the Accountant’s Confidence Index fluctuating?

Recently, the ACI showed a dip in confidence, with regards to the U.S. economy. Some feel the fluctuation may be due to the recent Tax Cuts and Job Acts.  Read more…..


ADP unveils a new payment option

ADP recently unveiled a new digital payment options to other rival other digital options, such as Apple Pay.  Find out why ADP has developed this new option and how it may help their client’s remain competitive in the recruiting arena.


IRS updates automatic accounting method standards

The IRS recently made changes to standards affecting accounting methods that cover a wide spectrum of reporting topics.  Click here to see a list of changes made.


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