Top Accounting News – 6.4.18

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News 6.4.2018


Accounting news you can use for this week:


What the TCJA means for students taking the CPA exam

The TCJA tax reform passed in December of last year has really changed the game for both individual and business taxes.  See what this means to anyone planning to take the CPA exam beginning January 2019…

Virtual currency still baffling tax professionals

Virtual currency is a relative newcomer to the tax reporting scene and with the recent overhaul of financial reporting, many tax professionals still have unanswered questions regarding how to address virtual currency.  Read more on what the AICPA has requested from the IRS to smooth the transition.

Is there a Job Market Shortage?

With the unemployment rate lower than it’s been in almost two decades, growing companies are struggling to fill positions.  Read the full story for insights on what this may mean for the economic outlook in the upcoming year.

FAF 2017 annual report is released

The FAF recently released a report, standards that work in the hopes of providing clarity on reporting standards and principles.  To gain access to the report and read the full article, click here.

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