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Top Accounting News 6-11-2018

Here is some of the Top Accounting News for this week you can use:

New Jersey Makes Changes to Sick Leave Pay

New Jersey recently passed a paid sick leave law in order to create uniformity for this particular employment issue.  To review the provisions, click here.

Cannabis Industry providing more opportunities for experienced accountants

The cannabis industry has some of the most stringent IRS reporting standards and with legal cannabis sales now expanding to twenty six states, the demand for top accountants and bookkeepers is on the rise.

Tax Relief Announced

The IRS announced, in Section 965,  a tax relief to help tax payers transition to the new accounting standards issued in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Read the full story here…

How Tax Cuts and Job Act affects IPO filers

Companies planning for the big jump to public offerings are now finding themselves in a difficult spot as the Tax Cuts and Job Act have created several new reporting standards.  Read the full story here.



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