Top Accounting News 4-23-2018

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News 4-23-2018


More tax breaks headed our way

It seems the IRS has decided to make further adjustment for inflation rates for tax year 2018.  For the most part, these adjustments should mean deeper tax cuts.  Read more…


Research studies reveal the perceived insignificance of accounting footnotes to investing behavior

In a post Enron era, you would think investors scrutinize over the fine print of accounting disclosures in order to minimize risk. However, a recent study has revealed that ambiguous accounting disclosures are setting off zero red flags when it comes to investing in publicly traded companies.  Full story…


New weapon in the fight against cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the rise and accounting information is virtual gold.  No one knows this better than the IRS and to help reduce cybersecurity risks, the center for Audit Quality has just released a new tool to help self-assess your cyber security.  To get the tool and read the full story, click here.


U.S. Treasury agrees to review by OMB

After much debate over the Treasury’s autonomy when it comes to issuing tax regulations, they have now come to an agreement with OMB. This new agreement will allow for a planning and review practice of regulations prior to issue in certain circumstances.  Read full story…

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