Top Accounting News – 3/25/18

Top Accounting News This Week

Top Accounting News – 3/25/18


Here is this week’s Top Accounting News roundup:

Cyber Crime Picking Up Steam as Tax Season Concludes

Although the IRS has already issued warnings to tax professionals regarding increased criminal activity at the onset of tax season, new cyber criminal tactics are making it more difficult to sidestep security breaches.  Read the full article for the latest cyber scam targeting tax pros.


Looking to Get Into Celebrity Business?

The recent changes in tax reporting have several actors looking to re-evaluate their filing status.  Due to their unique industry and expenses, actors are seeing a benefit to incorporating in order to save money.  Find out why.


What do the Dodd-Frank Changes Mean for Accountants?

Recent changes to legislation regarding mid-level banks has creating regulatory exemptions that may prove very favorable for accountants.  Get the scoop on what’s changed and what it means for accountants.


New Tariffs Creates an Uproar in the Retail Industry

Influencers in the retail industry have come out in strong opposition to the recent tariffs imposed on China.  They predict the consequences of moving forward with such a tariff will equate to a $50 billion dollar tax burden on the American consumer.  Read the predicted consequences of the new tariffs and how the retail industry plans to fight back.




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