The Innovo Staffing team were instrumental in assisting me in my job search. At times, I felt as if she was more enthusiastic than I! I know, without a doubt, that I would have never been given an opportunity to work for an established e-commerce business if not for her advise and encouragement. They took the time to get to know me and where I wanted my career to be now and moving forward. My confidence throughout the hiring process was only evident because of the preparation and reassurance that she gave me. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a career in accounting and finance to Innovo Staffing.

Senior Accountant – E-commerce

I had an over the phone interview and then an in-person interview for an HR Manager position they were staffing for. I interviewed with Tom on both occasions and the process was great. He also prepped me for the interview with the company and I ended up getting hired! Innovo was great in helping me find a new position and I would definitely recommend them. They really take the time to know the company they presented to me and matched me perfectly!

HR Manager – Entertainment

As experts in the business, the team at Innovo Staffing has proved to be engaging and beneficial business partners. Candidates and clients can be assured of the highest level of professional decorum. Innovo Staffing is a great resource for your finance and accounting needs.

Orume – Professional Services

Their level of knowledge and experience in the workforce has led to unparalleled success in finding and presenting the most qualified candidates for the roles we’ve filled. We’re a small company, and so far we’re batting 4 of 4 with Innovo over the last two years. It still amazes me at how quickly they’re able to find exactly what we’re looking for in a candidate. And unlike other recruiters, they don’t try to sell you on candidates they’re trying to place; instead they listen to your needs as a client and go out and find the perfect fit.

Matt – Fintech