Summer Interview Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer interview tips

So, you’ve got an interview coming up, but it’s about a million degrees outside. So let’s discuss some summer interview tips to help you look good on your big day. Showing up to an interview with sweat stained clothes and a drenched head of hair is a recipe for disaster.  And I don’t have to tell you feeling hot and sweaty inevitably lead to feeling cranky and uncomfortable right before an interview.  So, how can you keep yourself looking, smelling, and feeling fresh for your summer interview, without resorting to a tank top and flip flops? Glad you asked!

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Obviously, skip the wool and any densely woven fabrics. What may not be so obvious is my recommendation to avoid silk or satin fabrics.  Although they are very lightweight and breathable, they also sweat through easily and when the sweat dries on these fabrics, it leaves water rings.   Instead opt for lightweight rayon or cotton blend fabrics.  Also, avoid dark colors like navy and black.  Tans, light blues and greys are good alternatives in the summer months.  In most cases, you can also skip the added “vest” layer during the summer months without raising an eyebrow.

Give Yourself Some Extra Time

Plan to give yourself some extra time before your interview.  This will allow you a few minutes to run the air conditioner and cool down the car before you get in.  You will also have the time to hang your blazer and wait to put it on until you get to the interview site.  Finally, giving yourself a few minutes to visit the restroom once arriving to freshen up is well worth the effort. Also, be sure to bring water and stay hydrated. You don’t want to feel weak or pass out under the pressure of an interview. Now that’s an interview tip if I ever heard one!

Have a Contingency Plan

It’s not a bad idea to take a spare shirt with you and hang it up with your jacket, just in case the heat does get the better of you.  Also, take some oil blotters and napkins to deal with any shine or sweat.  Taking some stain removing wipes can also come in handy just in case makeup runs down into the collar of a blouse or hair products create a grease stain on the back of a collar.

Makeup Tips

Some summer interview tips for the women in our audience. It’s always a good idea to wear neutral and light makeup to an interview, but this is especially true in the summer months.  Red lipsticks tend to bleed easier when you sweat and heavy makeup will show streaks down your face.  You can also get a case of raccoon eyes with heavy black eyeliner that runs.  Take a little makeup bag with you in case you need to touch up just before the interview.  Be sure to include Q-tips and makeup remover in your emergency bag.

Skip The Scent

In the summer, I’d recommend opting to forgo the cologne or perfume.  If you do sweat and you have a case of body odor, the cologne/perfume just amplifies the smell.  Instead take a little travel deodorant and reapply in the bathroom once you arrive at the interview site. One of the great summer interview tips that can easily make or break that first impression!

Hair Tips

With the heat, usually comes humidity.  Try using anti-humidity products, rather than just applying more products.  Ladies, carry bobby pins and a hair tie.  Consider a low pony tail or bun to avoid the risk of having a hair debacle in the first place. For men or women, have a comb or brush handy to check yourself in the bathroom before walking in.

Keep it Professional

With the summer vibe in full effect, you may be tempted to get a bit too casual for your interviews.  While in most cases a slightly less formal look is appropriate, avoid low cut blouses, tank tops, shorts, sandals, sundresses, and caps or any kind. One of my favorite summer interview tips: do your research on the company, look at their social media pages for how the team dresses this time of year. Always mirror your interviewer/company when considering your attire for an interview.

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