5 Things to Do Before Your Start Date

Starting a New Job

5 Things to Do Before Your Start Date

After a long and nerve wracking process, you’ve done it! You’ve landed the job and you are eagerly awaiting your first day with the new company.  Then, a new set of nerves start to kick in. Can I really do the job? Will I get along with everyone at the new place? Will I make any huge mistakes starting out? What if they change their minds? Like waiting in line for a roller coaster, it’s easy to let the anxiety set in, as you wait for your turn.  Nothing combats anxiety like a little proactive work.  This list of 5 things to do before your start date will not only prime you for success, but it will also help ease pre-job anxiety.

  1. Study the Company

Chances are you’ve already researched the company to some degree for the interview, but now is the time to really get in there and study the finer points.  Make sure you understand exactly what the company does.  Learn more about the products and services they offer. If you have an employee portal system, get in there and start reading.  Also, read their entire website and follow their Facebook and other social media outlets.  This is really going to give you a leg up when you are being trained for your specific role.  Knowing the big picture going in helps make sense out of the details.

  1. Study the Industry

Regardless of your position, the nuances of what you do will differ based on the industry you work in and the company’s main clientele. From marketing to accounting, the type of company you work for, as well as the industry will impact the process of your work.  The jargon alone will differ and you wouldn’t want to get lost in a sea of acronyms your first day. Although, there is little the company can provide you pre-employment with regards to this, there is a lot of general information you can find for yourself.  Read blogs, articles, journals, or anything else that would give you industry specific information.

  1. Make a list of questions

As you study the company and the industry, make a list of questions or concerns you have regarding the job.  Take them with you on your first day, but don’t ask them all at once.  As the training moves forward, several of these questions may be answered for you, but in the event that they are not, have them handy.

  1. Finish home projects and prepare for the first couple weeks

The first month of every new job is usually incredibly hectic.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and frazzled with the stress of a new job. This is especially true, if you had a  period of unemployment before landing the new job.  It’s hard to get back in a routine and you may have started several home projects while you searched for a job.  Take this time to shove everything back in the closet and get your home in order.  Schedule housekeeping, mow the lawn, and wash the car. You may even consider dry cleaning and laying out the first week of work clothes and heading to the grocery store for some frozen dinners for the nights you come home too exhausted to cook.  By taking the little stressors like laundry and groceries out of the equation, you allow yourself to focus on your work.

  1. Relax

Take some time now to relax and enjoy your time.  Treat this as vacation time and reset for the coming year.  Remember, most new employees don’t start earning vacation right away, so this may be your last chance for some time.

Of course besides the 5 things to do before your start date always be sure to celebrate the moment!

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