Is Social Media Killing Your Job Chances?

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Is Social Media Killing Your Job Chances?

Social media plays a large role in your job search. Employers are viewing your accounts to determine whether you may be a strong candidate for their open position. Therefore, you need to use social media properly at all times. Follow these guidelines to ensure your social media accounts aren’t harming your job search.


  • Avoid Posting Inappropriate Pictures and Words

Because employers are always looking at candidates’ social media accounts, avoid posting inappropriate pictures and words. For example, pictures of you drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs and posts involving vulgar language should never be posted.  Don’t complain about current or previous employers, co-workers, or jobs. Potential employers don’t want to hire someone who regularly participates in activities that may interfere with their work performance.


  • Use Proper Spelling and Grammar

When posting on social media, spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Because communication is vital to succeeding in any company, employers are looking for candidates who write clearly, concisely, and without spelling errors.


  • Watch Your Connections

Focus on the quality of the people you connect with rather than the quantity. Ask yourself how connecting with a person may help both you and them in a professional capacity. If you find a common link, go ahead and connect with the person.


  • Monitor Your Privacy Settings

Watch your privacy setting, especially on Facebook. You don’t want a third party, such as a friend of a friend, posting inappropriate pictures or stories on your wall. Even if the posts don’t directly involve you, you’re not portraying the professional image that employers are looking for.

  • Access Social Media on Your Own Time

Because your employer is watching your activities during work hours, it’s important you access social media on your own time. Your employer may monitor your online activities performed with company computers, and will also notice how often you access job postings, upload your resume, and perform other tasks with your own devices. Not paying the proper attention to performing your tasks may result in losing your job.


  • Continue Building Your Brand

If you’re not continually posting on your social media accounts, you’re not building your brand. Employers want to see how you network and build engagement. Post your own unique content and others’ content at least weekly to show your personality and provide useful information for others.


Follow these guidelines so your social accounts help improve your job search. For help with securing your next accounting or finance role, reach out to the professionals at Innovo Staffing!


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