11 Top Remote Job Search Websites

Top Remote Job Search Websites

With the state of employment in the last year or so, remote work has risen in both popularity and utilization. An increasing number of employers are letting employees do their work from home while also hiring more people who otherwise might not be able to come into the office every day.

When you work remotely, you don’t have to dress a certain way or travel long distances to put in your eight hours. Plus, you can listen to your favorite music and keep your pets company.

If you’re looking for a similar opportunity, check out some of these top remote job search websites.



1. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the top choices for remote job websites, with over 36,000 active job postings. You can find industry jobs, as well as freelance offers. There are also executive-level positions up for grabs.

Website access costs $27.80 per month, scaling with different packages, but there are some benefits to the paywall. Job opportunities are hand-screened, and competition is lower than other websites.

You also pay a small, flat fee to use the platform as opposed to other sites that take a percentage of your earnings. This saves you money in the long run.


Just Remote

2. Just Remote

Just Remote boasts an intuitive search page that lets you search for the best remote jobs in your field. You can also find remote positions in specific countries, and differentiate between permanent or temporary positions. The website itself is simple and easy to navigate.



3. Arc

Arc is another remote-only job board that’s specifically made for developer jobs. Their engine combs the internet for relevant jobs and personalizes it for your specific profile.

If you’re a tech lover, just remember to limit your phone time to stay concentrated on your work.


We Work Remotely

4. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely claims to have the largest community and is used by Google and Amazon for hiring purposes. Connect with positions from all around the world. Higher education background and proven remote work skills are essential but don’t worry about getting scammed.


Remote OK

5. Remote OK

Remote OK boasts over a million active remote workers on their job board. You can find positions ranging from full-stack web developers to culture development specialists.

Each position has a set of filters attached to them, and some employers are verified as trustworthy. Don’t let that stop you from exploring a startup, however, as they’re more likely to hire you.


ProBlogger Jobs

6. ProBlogger Jobs

As the name implies, ProBlogger Jobs focuses on finding writing jobs for freelancers. It also hires content writers out to various companies.

Most of the job postings ask for experienced or intermediate-level writers, so it’s not a great option for the beginning freelancer. However, you can filter the listings by position level, industry, and length of work.



7. Upwork

Upwork connects businesses to independent professionals around the world. It’s arguably one of the most prominent options if you’re working remotely.

Signing up is free, and you get up to 60 connects monthly as a freelancer. Two of those connects are collected for every job application you make, and they’re replenished the next month.

There are also proficiency tests to gauge your skills and prove your qualifications.


Virtual Vocations

8. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations has 41 different job categories for remote work. It doesn’t matter if you’re in marketing or in medicine.

The website is family-owned and operated in the U.S., and they also offer professional resume services and a helpful blog.


Working Nomads

9. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a job board actually run by travelers who work remotely themselves. As a result, their website curates positions from across the world. While web development, marketing, and management listings take up a large portion of the job board, you can also find work in writing, education, and health care.



10. Pangian

Toted as one of the fastest-growing remote communities worldwide, Pangian has over 100,000 remote workers with over 24,000 jobs shared. It’s one of the best remote job websites to keep your eye on. Not only can you find remote work wherever you are, but you can connect with their Pangian community to connect and ask for help.



11. Remotive

Remotive is a great option that hand-screens live remote jobs from over a thousand different companies. The actual job board shows the company, the type of work, and if the job is restricted by country.

It was predicted in 2020 that the number of remote employees would continue increasing throughout 2021, so expect to see those location limitations open up.



Benefits of Working Remotely

After COVID-19, an increased number of companies have realized how valuable and viable remote work can be. There are numerous benefits for both the employer and employee that both could struggle finding in an office workspace.



Employee burnout is a serious problem. It’s been reported that 23 percent of employees feel burnout almost all the time.

While you’d think remote work would mean distracted employees, it can actually help people get more work done. You can take breaks whenever you need them and won’t have your boss breathing down your neck all day long.

If you’re worried about how to work remotely and stay on task, try setting alarms to remind you when to work and when to take breaks.


Less Stress

To deal with burnout, managers and business owners have to find a way to raise employee morale. Otherwise, people will get stressed and their work suffers as a result.

Working from home or a place of your own choosing means less stress. Surround yourself with a nice garden for an hour or two or relax on your comfy couch.


Reduction of Overhead Costs

Hiring employees and providing office space for them costs money, and so does employee turnover. But businesses don’t have to fire a worker who’s moving away if they can do their work over the internet.

Remote workers don’t require a desk or new office furniture when something breaks. They’re self-sufficient but can provide the same amount of work for the company as an employee working in the company’s building.



Finding Remote Job Search Websites That Work for You

Working remotely can prove to be one of the best options during these stressful times. However, remote job search websites often spread their focus too much between different industries.

If you’re looking for a job in accounting and finance, you need a website that caters to your specific needs. At Innovo Staffing, we give our candidates career guidance as well as honest feedback while pairing them with the best organizations.

Contact us today to learn more.

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