How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work Innovo Staffing

How do recruitment agencies work to cut through the noise of the NYC employment world?


New York City is the working hub of America and arguably the entire world. NYC not only attracts a boasting 8.4 million residents to its glitz and glam, but it also attracts some of the highest quality talent from around the world.


With over 200,000 businesses in NYC, there are ample opportunities for employees to find their dream job in the city that never sleeps. But that also means there are 200,000 businesses looking to fill job openings… with millions of workers fighting for those positions.


The opportunity found in New York is both exciting and overwhelming. Possibilities are endless—but that also means it can be hard to get started. Furthermore, millions of talented employees means the competition is fierce to nab coveted positions at the top businesses in the city.


That’s where recruitment agencies come in. One job could attract hundreds of applications. Employers are burdened with the number of potential candidates they receive for a single open position. Employees are stressed trying to get interviews (let alone land the job itself) in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Recruitment agencies cut through this, using specialized skills and expertise to find and match the worker to work.


What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency for both organizations and candidates?  

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How do recruitment agencies work for organizations and employers?


Recruitment agencies assist organizations to find talent and narrow the search for top-notch employees.


Your organization has an open position you want to fill with an outside hire. You post the job description on a few job boards and sites. Within a few days, you have hundreds of resumes flooding their inbox.


The resources required to narrow down these resumes is astronomical. This can be overwhelming for organizations with huge HR departments, let alone startups or small businesses that don’t have internal resources to handle this overload.


Recruiting and hiring is one of the most time-consuming and resource-draining aspects of businesses.


How do recruitment agencies work to minimize this cost and improve the hiring process? What are the benefits of using a staffing agency to fill roles?


  1. Cost:

    Outsourcing recruiting is significantly less expensive than having an internal HR team to do the same process. A single HR manager could cost anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 per year—which doesn’t account for the rest of their team as well as resources like the cost of job boards, events, screening tools, etc. The average cost per hire is over $4,000, with a 30 to 45 day time to fill the role. Recruiting agencies can dramatically reduce this cost and time by streamlining and simplifying the process.


  1. Talent pool:

    Recruitment agencies are always searching for and “collecting” top talent in a variety of industries. It’s in the agency’s best interest to host a wide talent pool that they can tap into when looking to fill jobs. That means working with an agency instantly provides access to qualified employees without even posting or promoting the job. You have a talent pool right at your disposal.


  1. Training:

    A lot of recruitment agencies provide training to their staff in order to make them more marketable to the best employees. That means you not only have access to employees with great experience and skills, but you’re also tapping into a pool that is constantly learning, growing, and training.


  1. Expertise:

    Recruitment agencies live and breathe recruitment every day. Recruiters know the questions to ask and the answers to look for when sourcing different jobs. Their sole job is to ensure an employee matches with the position and company. It’s nearly impossible to get this same level of expertise and skill internally, since your HR team has so many different functions and requirements. Outsourcing recruitment to an agency that lives recruitment every day is the best way to get the highest quality service.


  1. Flexibility:

    Recruiting agencies can help fill a variety of positions. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or full-time worker, someone for the season or for the long-haul, staffing agencies can speed up the process to find the right employee at the right time. Whatever you’re looking for, recruitment agencies are able to help simplify the search.


  1. Support, not control:

    Employers often prefer recruiting agencies over typical employment agencies, because recruiters support—rather than control the process. Recruiters will present you with a narrowed pool of qualified, confident applicants, but you still retain the actual hiring process. This ensures you have the final say, but you don’t expend the resources necessary for the recruitment process.  


A recruitment agency supports or replaces your hiring team to improve your recruitment processes. This is especially critical during periods of growth, seasonal/holiday fluxes, and fill-ins for vacations or leave periods.


How do recruitment agencies work for candidates?


Recruitment agencies find and represent talent to make sure they find the perfect job for the candidate’s skills, goals, and passions.


Now imagine that same scenario from the candidate’s point of view. You go on job boards, search for jobs relevant to your expertise and career, and you send in a bunch of applications to different positions. But you’re up against hundreds of competitors for each job you apply for. Even if you’re the most qualified candidate, the employer may not even see your application if it gets buried under hundreds of other resumes.  


A top-notch employee can apply to dozens of jobs without even landing an interview. This makes the process of finding a job discouraging and stressful. It also drains workers’ personal resources, often leading them to abandon the job search altogether or “settle” for a job they don’t really want.

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How can recruitment agencies improve the job search process for candidates?


  1. Customization:

    The best recruitment agencies get to know you on a personal level, so they can find the perfect position and role for you. They’ll look at your skills, expertise, and career goals to help you take the next logical step for you. They become your advocate in your job search, so you can feel confident that you’re focusing your efforts only on those job applications that will fit your objectives.  


  1. Try it out:

    Not sure what your career path is or what your professional goals are just yet? A tailored approach will help you unlock what your passions may be. They can also help you find temporary or contract work in a variety of industries, companies, and roles so you can try out different jobs until you find something that interests you.


  1. Get in the door:

    Recruitment agencies have strong networks and connections with some of the best companies in your city. For more competitive jobs, recruitment agencies can increase your visibility and opportunity to land that coveted interview. This is especially critical in New York City, where it “pays to know someone” on the inside.


  1. Training:

    A lot of recruitment agencies offer access to training and skill-building tools. This helps bump up your resume to make you more marketable, but it also helps you better understand where you excel and where you need to grow. Learning and development is the best way to push your career to the next level.


  1. Temp to perm:

    Whether you’re looking for a temporary job or a full-time position, recruiting agencies can help you find the right option for you. They can also help you find “temp to perm” roles, where you start with a temporary job that may transition into a permanent position if you and the employer are a good fit. This is a great way to try out different positions and advance further if/when the time is right.


Recruitment agencies don’t just help you find a job. They help you find the next right step in your career path.  


Benefits of recruitment agencies in NYC


With hundreds of thousands of job openings at any one time in NYC, it’s a challenge for employers and candidates to find the perfect match. Let a recruitment agency be your matchmaker.


Businesses don’t hire resumes. It’s people that make up an organization. So you want a recruitment agency that understands the human side of employment.


At Innovo Staffing, we believe in a customized approach to every candidate profile and employer job search. We create enduring relationships with every client, so we can provide top-notch service with the best available talent.


Learn more about our unique approach to full-service recruitment to start finding your perfect employment match.

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