Quick List of Job Search Tips

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Quick List of Job Search Tips

  1. Optimize your Application Process

The process of filing out applications can be incredibly time consuming and if you are in between jobs, it’s time you may not have.  Between all the job forums and search engines out there, it can take hours to even complete your search.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of search tips to make the application process a breeze.

2.  Customize the application and resume

While it may sound like I just added time to your application process, this trick actually improves your odds of getting selected from a stack of applications and into the interview phase.  Today, most employers use an application screening software that searches for keywords in the text of your application and resume.

By simply adding in relevant keywords from the job posting, the software will automatically qualify you as a candidate and move you up the human resource ladder for further screening.

3.Reach out to your network

It’s time to leverage the connections you’ve spent months and even years cultivating.  By throwing a few feelers out there, you could eliminate the need for batch applications entirely.  The truth is, most employers are more likely to hire someone they know or have been referred to by someone they know.

4.Apply to a staffing agency

Of course we had to throw this one in, but it’s really an unbeatable way to get the most “bang for you buck”.  Staffing agencies have a treasure chest of jobs, so by going through the application process once, you will be matched with multiple potential positions. Really, how good are search tips without calling a recuiter?

5. Have a narrow range of roles you will apply for

You already know you need to create a custom cover letter for each position you apply to. What you may not know is you should also have a custom resume for every role.  Your resume should tell a story, so everything from the objective to the bullets must align with the role you are searching for.  If you narrow the range of roles you apply to, you can apply for more jobs with less effort.

6. Sort by Posting Date

When applying for jobs, sort by the newest posting date first.  Job posts that are over a week or two old are likely dead leads by then.  It is quite possible they have already made their selections and are moving on to final interviews.

There you have it, a quick list of job search tips to help shave time off of your application process and yield better results.

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