Philadelphia isn’t just full of passionate sports fans, stunning views,and awe-inspiring history, it’s teeming with great jobs to launch your career forward. Innovo Staffing is one of the leading staffing agencies in Philadelphia, eager to help you meet your business or personal career goals.  

Philly is ripe with jobs and top-notch talent. But it’s not easy to get your foot in the door at one of the leading employers in town. And it’s not easy for employers to find the right team member in a sea of talent.

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Think of Innovo Staffing like your searchlight. We scour Philadelphia for top talent and leading employers. We work with both sides to understand their goals and requirements, so we can connect the right people with the right businesses in the right position.

We’re not looking to just fill jobs and salaries. We’re looking to make the perfect match so candidates can move forward in their careers and employers can leverage talent to experience maximum momentum.

Why Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most impassioned cities in the nation. Its inhabitants are zealous and excited, from the sports to the heritage to the food and beyond. Living and working in Philadelphia feels like coming home.

That’s what we love so much about Philadelphia. It’s where we feel comfortable and peaceful, while also being pushed to new heights. We work with some of the top employers in the nation, but their leaders are down to earth and friendly. The talent we find in Philadelphia is highly skilled and professionally trained across the globe, but they land in Philadelphia for the good vibes mixed with ambition and drive. Philadelphia gives you the rush of a northeast city with a friendly and approachable shadow.  

Individuals also love the competitive salaries with reasonable cost of living in PA. Philly ranks favorably as one of the fastest growing employment industries in the U.S., so it’s ripe for the picking. Innovo Staffing has found a lot of employers are opening their doors to more talent, and strong candidates are eager to fill those roles.

Top staffing agency in Philadelphia

Let us help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking for work in finance or accounting, or you’re searching for talent to enhance your business, Innovo Staffing is one of the top staffing agencies in Philadelphia to get the job done.

We specialize in admin temp jobs in Philly. That’s because a lot of our candidates in Philly are recent graduates from college or Master’s programs who are looking to explore new avenues for their career. They use staffing agencies in Philadelphia to better understand their passions and career goals while trying out jobs that might suit them.

This works well for employers as well. You can fill hours with temporary or part-time workers, while training and studying to see if this individual could be a good long-term fit for your business. It’s like trying on the employee before hiring full-time.

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