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Philadelphia's Top Temp Staffing Agency innovo

Innovo Temp Staffing Service Takes on New Importance in Philadelphia

The COVID19 pandemic has, in a sense, created the perfect storm for disruption of business operations in Philadelphia and across the nation. Uncertainty is the new daily “norm” and agility and adaptability are the new watchwords to successfully navigate an ever-changing business environment. Toss in changing state and city mandates, conflicting CDC guidelines, and a contentious election season and you have a business atmosphere where it is far easier to fail than to succeed.

In normal times, businesses were slow to pull the trigger on hiring new employees to accommodate expansion. Expanding capacity to meet new market demand was frequently accomplished by utilizing, at least in part, temporary workers. This allowed organizations to increase talent headcount without incurring the liability or additional costs of hiring full-time employees.

For some time now, the use of freelancers, temp workers, and contract workers has been embraced by companies striving for leaner operations. The uncertain economic environment and the desire to optimize productivity have led to a strong demand for Philadelphia temp agencies to provide just in time workers across a wide spectrum of skills.

Every company requires financial controls and a sound accounting process. If you find yourself in need of temp employees with finance or accounting skills, you need to contact Philadelphia’s top temp staffing agency, Innovo Staffing.

Philadelphia's Top Temp Staffing Agency

Innovo Staffing Brings Temp Solutions to Philadelphia Businesses

There is no shortage of temp agencies providing finance/accounting talent to choose from in Philadelphia. But there is only one choice that can provide a seamless, value-packed service experience that is designed to enhance your business…Innovo Staffing.

From the beginning, our goal has been to redefine and improve the talent-placement process for professionals seeking to enhance their careers, and organizations looking for a fresh approach to sourcing talent. We are not so much recruiters as we are matchmakers and successful matchmaking requires a comprehensive understanding of both parties. Our business model and processes are designed around the idea of providing clients with perfectly matched talent capable of meeting company objectives and contributing to overall success, and to provide the talent with an opportunity that will excite them and enhance their professional growth.

At Innovo we specialize in providing interim (temp), direct-hire, and consulting professionals in the financing and accounting fields to a wide range of small, medium, and large businesses. We thrive on long term relationships and we treat every engagement, temporary or direct-hire, with the same matchmaking process that allows both the client and the candidate to meet their objectives.

So how do we get this done? We speak your language and we understand the world you live in. Senior leadership and all of our recruiters at Innovo Staffing have extensive backgrounds in finance and accounting. Our resumes read like a Whose Who of the finance industry as well as financial and accounting responsibilities for manufacturers, media firms, venture capital organizations, and a laundry list of entrepreneurial startups. 

Before we accept an engagement, we ensure we not only understand the responsibilities of the position and how it fits in the organization, but what the company’s values and culture are. With that information, we can address our carefully curated talent database to select a candidate with the requisite skills and experience, personal values and culture compatible with the client, and who sees the position as an opportunity for growth.

We don’t just recruit. We make matches that result in favorable outcomes for both client and candidate.

The Changing Nature of Temporary Workers

Interim or temp workers have long been a staple at our New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia offices. Before this pandemic environment, our temp workers typically filled in for vacations, extended American Family Leave Act absences, and spikes in demand due to seasonal markets or promotional campaigns. We still do that of course, but we are seeing a change in the types of temporary engagements due both to current economic conditions and a rise in candidate preference for freelancing and consultative services.

An unfortunate effect of the disruption of business is the winnowing of companies unable to adapt and weather the uncertain markets. But this is America where one company’s disaster can be another’s windfall. We believe we will see a significant increase in startups, acquisitions, and expansions by organizations that want to capture the market share lost by failing companies.

Startups, acquisitions, and expansions are risky ventures. Most companies will not expand their senior staff to meet what they believe are temporary “stabilization efforts” required to stand up a new venture. They want to avoid the commitment and liability of adding new employees. Not providing professional leadership for key functions, particularly financial controls, can be disastrous to new endeavors.

Today, that professional talent, from Chief Financial Officer to internal auditors, risk compliance officers, and system implementation specialists, are all available on an interim basis. In fact, many of the candidates that work these projects prefer them to permanent opportunities. A CFO who specializes in startups is a different breed than the executive responsible for an established organization. At Innove, we can assist a client in engaging this “new class” of temp workers.

Even Traditional Temp Talent has New Challenges

As we mentioned, temp work has always been an important part of our business at Innovo Staffing and we will continue to provide our clients with talent that can seamlessly fill in or augment your permanent staff. We offer temporary talent in the following categories:

  • Administrative Positions
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Operational Accounting
  • Internal Auditing and Risk Compliance
  • Financial Systems

We use the same matchmaking process that ensures the company and the talent both benefit from an assignment for temp assignments as we do for direct hires. We pride ourselves in being able to consistently meet expectations for both the client and the candidate.

Recently, many businesses have discovered the benefits of remote working. If the temp position is designated as a remote worker, and geographical location is not an issue, we can draw upon the databases of the entire company. That perfect temporary accounts payable person may reside in New York rather than Philadelphia. 

Most of our candidates are already competent with a variety of collaboration technologies and conferencing tools, but for those who need brushing up, we provide training. We also facilitate conference interviews making the whole process as quick and stress-free as possible.

philadelphia temp staffing agency innovo

Innovo Staffing – Not Your Typical Philadelphia Temp Staffing Agency

Our mission is to break the mold of talent sourcing. We provide the ease and convenience of talent sourcing software with the customization and collaboration of a human-based consultative agency. We consider each client’s current organizational sphere along with business outcomes and projected growth to place talent most effectively. On the other side of the equation, we emphasize each candidate’s interests, skills, and expertise to ensure they are paired with ideal placements for career growth. Put less esoterically, the person has to like the job and the job has to like the person.

If you are ready to try an innovative staffing agency, one that provides fast, seamless, highly efficient talent pairings, then it is time to contact the staffing professionals at Innovo Staffing.

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