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Innovo Staffing offers the highest quality talent for office temp jobs in Philadelphia. We narrow your search, improve your talent pool, and get the most qualified candidates walking through your door.

Are you looking for administrative work to improve and streamline your business operations? Whether you’re looking for temporary workers or executive assistants, your business deserves the best employees available.


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Fill your office temp jobs

What do you want out of your admin staff? You don’t want just a hard worker who will do what they’re told. You want someone who will improve the role they’re in. Innovo professionals exceed the expectations of their job descriptions by creating and innovating and streamlining their work.

A lot of Innovo talent looking for admin work are interested in trying out different career paths or getting their foot in the doors of companies in which they’re interested long-term. This makes them highly motivated, ambitious, and determined. They’re not going to sit at the desk and answer phones. They’re going to change the way your office runs for the better, so they can advance themselves and your organization to the next level.

Innovo Staffing has got you covered for all of that and more. A lot of our clients are looking for temporary staffing for administrative work. Temps help cover when demand spikes or you need to cover for other employees. You might also be interested in temp-to-hire, so you can bring on a temporary Innovo professional before hiring them on full time.

We vow to make your admin temps some of the best employees in your organization. In fact, we anticipate you’ll want to keep them onboard after you experience the professionalism and quality of the Innovo talent pool.

Our process

Here’s our secret recipe to find you the perfect admin for your business:

  1. Recruit a wide array of individuals with a variety of experience, skills, and backgrounds.
  2. Conduct in-depth application and interview processes to narrow our talent pool to only the highest quality candidates.
  3. When you reach out to us, we will conduct an organizational consultation to better understand your requirements, goals, and organization mission.
  4. We will scour our talent pool and/or recruit additional candidates that exceed your business criteria.
  5. We make the introduction between our top candidates and your hiring department.

Thanks to our customized and collaborative recruiting process, the people walking in your door are prequalified multiple times over. By the time our candidates reach you, your hiring department just has to make the hard decision to pick which admin worker is the best of the best.

It’s our promise to save you time, money, and resources by streamlining recruitment and hiring.

Find talent

Filling your admin jobs has never been easier, simpler, or more effective. Innovo Staffing is one of the top-rated recruiters with hands-on experience finding, training, and placing individuals in leading organizations.

Let’s fill your office temp jobs and other administrative positions. Start by requesting talent here. After submitting the form, our consultants will reach out to you for a customized consultation within 24 to 36 hours. Business doesn’t wait, so your hiring process shouldn’t either.

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