New Year, New Workplace Attitude

New year new you planning.

New Year, New Workplace Attitude

New Year’s resolutions almost always include “health” goals, and not just of the physical kind.  As we learn more about how stress affects the human body, the emphasis on health is slowly being shifted to mental health, rather than physical.  Although most employers are picking up on this trend and taking great strides to improve the workplace environment, it is ultimately the individual’s efforts that determines their workplace experience. Full time employed Americans work an average of 47 hours a week, according to Gallup Research.  So, if you’re looking to up your happiness, workplace attitude is pretty good place to start.  Here are few tips to get you started.

  1. Set a goal for yourself to give your work purpose.

Research has proven that employees experience higher job satisfaction when they feel their work has meaning or purpose.  Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your company’s mission statement to do the trick.  Some companies miss the mark when it comes to incorporating their mission statement and core values. Other times, the mission statement just doesn’t resonate with your motivators or career aspirations.  Instead, set your own workplace goal.  Be sure to make it specific and measurable. Whether it’s to position yourself for a promotion, increase your stats, or securing referrals for an upcoming job hunt, give yourself a motivating reason to do a great job every day.

  1. Find a positive workplace circle

Having friends at work usually makes the day more enjoyable.  However, if you’ve fallen into the wrong crowd, it may be just the opposite.  If you find yourself involved in stressful workplace dramas or constantly complaining about the boss at the water cooler, then it may be time to make some new workplace friends.  This constant stream of negativity will inevitably alter the way you feel about your job as you continue to add stress and angst to your day.

  1. Keep the focus on you

A little competition never hurt anyone, but constantly comparing yourself to your co-workers is a recipe for negativity and resentment.  Wondering why your colleague’s vacation was approved, when yours wasn’t or why they get away with taking too many breaks and you get called in for being five minutes late is a sure fire way to hate your job.  This year, make a concerted effort to keep the focus on your work by competing with yourself. Keep yourself busy by monitoring and measuring your production stats and working to improve on them.  Focus on maxing out a bonus or positioning yourself for that promotion and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  1. Find a Mentor

Sometimes knowing what the next step is on career ladder can be frustrating.  To help with this, look for a workplace mentor. Someone who’s been where you are and has made it to the other side.  Not only will working with a mentor improve your chances of success, it also helps to shift your mindset for success, rather than frustration.

  1. Take your Breaks

Having a good work ethic is a great way to get noticed by management, but working through every break and lunch as if it were a badge of honor can actually hurt you.  Studies have shown, people work best when they can take frequent breaks.  Getting in a bit of movement and some nutrients is a great way to hit the reset button.  Taking your breaks, improves both productivity and mood so it’s a win win. It is a New Year, New Workplace Attitude to lead you to big success!

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