5 Tips on How to Market Yourself in an Interview

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5 Tips on How to Market Yourself in an Interview

By: Amber Wiseburn – Senior Executive Recruiter

 It’s the new year, and you’ve decided that it’s time to start looking for that next step in your career.  Maybe you’ve been in your role for 5 years, or maybe you’ve been there for 1 year.  Either way, unless you recruit for a living (like me), and you interview 10 candidates a day, you’re probably out of practice.  Take it from me, practice makes perfect.  Here are 5 tips on how to sell yourself in an interview:


  1. Research the company: You’ve landed an interview, congrats! Now, it’s important to always research the company you are interviewing with. You’ve applied, so the interest in the company and the role is already there.  But, there will always be something new to learn.  Research recent articles on the company.  If it’s a startup, maybe they’ve just completed a round of funding.  Bringing up relevant and recent articles is an excellent way to stand out from your competition.


  1. Understand and know the job description: If this is a role you are passionate about, you must know the main responsibilities. This is a terrific way to provide specific examples of your own experience as it relates to the role.  For example: “The Accounts Payable Specialist will be responsible for processing a high volume of invoices daily.”  You would say: “I see that this role will be processing a high volume of invoices.  That’s great! I am currently processing approximately 250 invoices daily.”


  1. Be prepared to answer questions with specific examples: The interviewer asks you, “can you tell me about a time where you overcame a challenge in a day-to-day task, and how you overcame it?” This is an example of a “situational” question and is often asked in an interview.  Be sure to provide a clear and concise response for questions like this. For example: “I discovered a discrepancy between a vendor and a bill.  I took it upon myself to research the issue and was sure to solve it accurately and professionally.”


  1. Ask questions: The worst thing you can do at the end of an interview is say that you don’t have questions to ask. Not asking questions can appear to an interviewer that you are uninterested in hearing more.  Examples to ask: “What challenges do you see in this role?” “What has your experience been working for this company?”  “Can you describe to me the growth potential for this role?”


  1. Confidence: The way you position yourself, speak, and dress can help you appear more confident in an interview.  When it comes to position, stand up straight, shake hands, and do not slouch when you are sitting down.  When you dress, be sure to wear something that you are comfortable in.  Those brand-new heels that are difficult to walk in may not be the best confidence booster.  And as crazy as this sounds, practice speaking in front of a mirror. Like I said in the beginning, practice makes perfect. Tips on how to market yourself in an interview are always available just email me at amberw@innovostaffing.com as well!

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