Making Friends at a New Job

friends at a new job

Making Friends at a New Job

Starting a new job can feel a lot like the first day of school.  It’s exciting and new and everyone seems to already know each other.  Your number one priority is to find a group of friends and blend in as quickly as possible.  If you’re employed by a staffing agency, you’ll play out this scenario more often than a lot of people.  Here are some tips to get yourself quickly integrated into the team.

  1. Accept Social Invitations

Even if bowling isn’t your thing, if someone invites you out, take them up on it and go have some fun.  Getting to know people within the confines of work is difficult, but being off site takes the pressure off.  If you can’t make it out that night, be sure to let them know you’d like to join in next time and to keep you posted.

  1. Hang Out in the Breakroom during breaks instead of at your desk

Not only has it been scientifically proven that not taking breaks decreases productivity, it also kills your social life.  Hanging out in the breakroom during your break puts you around people you can converse with and not worry about your boss glaring down at you.  If there is a game or conversation happening, try to join in.  Going to the breakroom and clutching your phone while scrolling Facebook does not scream, “come talk to me”.

  1. Bring Goodies

Everyone loves the guy who brings snacks to work…EVERYONE! You don’t have to bring treats in all the time, maybe just a dozen donuts your second or third day in should do the trick.  Food is a great ice breaker and conversation starter.  No matter your differences, we all eat food.  The secret to getting your money’s worth is to come in early so you can pass them out or swing by and tell them you’ve brought treats.  If you simply buy them and stick them in the breakroom, no one will ever know it was you.

  1. Display your Piece of Flare

Bring something to decorate your workspace with that reflects a big part of who you are.  It could be a team poster, a family photo, a model airplane, or a Marvel coffee mug; whatever floats your boat.  It’s a great cue card for someone who passes your desk and sees it or maybe comes over to welcome you to the team.

  1. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

This last one is for only the truly fearless.  Don’t wait for someone to have a social gathering and invite you.  Instead, put together your own shindig and invite your team.  If that’s too much work invite them all to see a movie or to dinner after work one night.  Make sure you give them some notice and keep it casual.

And there you have it.  From new kid on the block to familiar teammate in no time.

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