Job References can Make or Break you!

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When employers are deciding which candidate to hire, they may use job references to make a final decision. Therefore, it’s important you choose the right people to help you secure the position. While it is easy to come up with a list of three to pass along, just one bad reference can place doubt in a hiring managers mind. The best job reference can often be your last manager, generally this person is not contacted until after you give notice. Never leave any doubt your the right candidate! Follow these guidelines for deciding which of your connections may best serve as references during your job search.


  • People Who Strongly Recommend You

Look for references who will strongly recommend you to potential employers. Former co-workers, supervisors in other departments who worked with you and members of volunteer or professional organizations you’re a part of will most likely fit this description. Focus on anyone who knows your strengths and abilities and will speak positively about you.


  • People Who May Attest to Your Work Ethic

Your references should attest to your strong work ethic. For example, former supervisors, current or former co-workers, or professors, teaching in a field related to the role you seek, may give specifics on how efficiently and effectively you complete tasks. A potential employer wants to know you may be relied on to come in early or stay late when needed, finish your work in a timely manner, and take on additional tasks. Therefore, it’s important you remain on good terms when leaving one company and starting at another.


  • People Who Speak Highly of Your Accomplishments

Consider job references who speak highly of your accomplishments. These people may detail ways you use your education, skills, and experience for setting and reaching goals. Mentors, coaches, professors, previous supervisors, and current or previous co-workers may be among this group. Find anyone who will discuss how your background, interpersonal skills, and accomplishments relate to the position you want.


  • People Who Want to Be References

Be sure you ask people whether they’ll be a job references for you before listing them. If you asked them previously and are again searching for a position, let your references know a potential employer may be contacting them. Be sure you have the correct information for each reference, including their full name, current title, company name, business address, contact number, and email address. Ensure each person has a copy of your resume, knows your greatest skills and accomplishments, and what type of role you seek. Always thank your references for their help.


Follow these tips when deciding who to use as job references during your job search. For help securing your next accounting or finance position, get in touch with!



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