The 8 Top Job Search Websites

The 8 Top Job Search Websites

When it comes to looking for a job, the internet serves as the primary tool people use during their search. Some people do still use methods like newspapers and in-person visits to businesses. But the majority of Americans find it more efficient to find job postings and apply online.

Not only does it save them time from going business-to-business, but it also allows them to send their applications out to several different companies at once. If you need help finding a job online, keep reading to find out the eight best job search websites that you should apply to today.




1. Innovo

Here at Innovo, we are a staffing agency full of recruiters specialized in finding people the perfect job. Our main specialization is matching people with finance and accounting positions.

We will first speak with you and run over your job qualifications. Then, we can then pair you with a recruiter and direct you to jobs best suited for your level of talent.

And, don’t worry if your resume doesn’t have years of experience. We work to find positions at the interim, intermediate, and experienced levels.


Our Recruiting Process

There are a few things you can do when starting with Innovo. First, be sure to search for our jobs. All you have to do is type in your desired position plus your state or zip code, and our system will pull up jobs related to your search.

If you want to take an extra step, you can also send your application to us. Once we receive and review it, we can then begin looking for opportunities that match your skills.

Once we find a job for you, you can fill out an application for that position. From there, we will request a phone interview, where we can speak to you and get a better feel for your personality. By doing this, we can better customize our search to fit who you are as a person.


How Innovo Is Different

There are many recruiters and agencies out there to use. But what we do at Innovo stands above them all because we tailor your needs to jobs that fit your skills and personality traits.

Most agencies simply use an algorithm that lets them enter keywords and pull up jobs the computer suggests. The thing is, those jobs never last.

At Innovo, we get to know you first. Our consultants speak with each customer to find out what things like:

  • Their desired career
  • The reason they want to change careers
  • Their passions
  • Their goals

This experience is personal, and we promise to make you feel comfortable with the jobs we offer. On top of this, we have other services like resume building, career training, and interview training. That way, you can go into your interview with confidence and snag yourself a job that will last long-term.




2. Indeed

A study in 2016 shows that Indeed boasts about 2.5% more hires than other job websites. Since then, this employment search engine has skyrocketed to fame.

It has become a go-to tool for many people who need to find a job tailored to their needs. To use this site, you can either type in a general term like an administrative assistant or the name of a company, and Indeed will pull it up for you.

About 3 million companies use Indeed to find their employees both locally and globally. So, this is a good start if you are on a job hunt. On this site, you can also enter your resume information.

There is a specific section called your “Indeed” resume. You plug in your details which allows for a speedier application process.

Don’t worry if you prefer to send in a resume or cover letter document. Indeed always gives your that option when you apply.




3. Ziprecruiter

This site started as an avenue for smaller companies to post their job listings. Since then, it has transformed into one of the top job search websites on the market.

Ziprecruiter uses an AI system to not only find jobs but to help connect employers with potential employees. It will send emails out on your behalf to businesses that match your criteria and vice versa.




4. Linkedin

There are 740 million people on Linkedin just waiting to connect with you. On this site, your profile is your resume. You will fill out all of the necessary criteria regarding your skills, education, past careers, and personal information.

Many employers use Linkedin for job postings, but the real magic happens due to the extended network feature of this site. You can add friends, college classmates, teachers, and whomever you wish to your friends list.

By doing this, you expand your options. You also expose yourself to more content concerning careers and can join job discussion boards.




5. Glassdoor

For an honest opinion about a job, head to Glassdoor. One of the best perks of Glassdoor is that it allows people to review businesses and employers.

Be wary of what reviews you believe. One of the best ways to filter out a single bad experience and an actual issue is to find the common denominator between all of the reviews. If everyone is complaining or praising the same aspect of the job, then it is probably true.




6. Monster

Monster was the first job search board created. Since its foundation, about 40 different countries use Monster and its associated mobile app. This website offers services like resume review services.

It also connects you to job discussion boards so you can network directly through their site. When you are browsing jobs, Monster will give you a score. This percentage lets you know how compatible you are with each position.




7. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is also one of the longest-running job boards on the internet. That is a good sign because it shows that people use this site and end up getting hired.

The main pros of CareerBuilder are the customization tools. You can fit your job search to meet every need including, your location and salary range.



Google Jobs

8. Google Jobs

When you use Google Job boards, it sends out crawlers to search for the keywords you type into the search bar. What comes back to you is a countless list of job postings from multiple employers.

That is because Google searches through all of the job boards mentioned above. Plus, some of the other smaller websites.

You will find postings on everything from Ziprecruiter to Glassdoor. By doing this, you minimize the time you spend searching through each site.



For More Job Search Websites

As you can tell, there are several job search websites that you can utilize during your search. Many of these come with a variation of tools to make the application process easier and help you identify which jobs have good reviews.

At Innovo, we want to help you find the career of your dreams. If you want a little extra help, feel free to contact us today. We will answer any of your questions and assign you a recruiter to help you with your search.

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