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Whether you are looking to replace an employee, or are needing new team members to fill a growing need, time is usually of the essence. Leaving a position vacant for too long can easily lead to employee burn outs, compromised quality and service, and even sales shortages. Going through the hiring process can seem like an overwhelming endeavor and it’s easy to get stuck and drag out the process longer than necessary.  By following these 5 steps to building an efficient interview process, you can easily go from clueless to competent.

Create a Detailed Job Description

One of the best ways to building an efficient interview process is to limit the amount of inapt applicants is by creating a detailed job description.  This will allow would be applicants to better understand the competencies and attributes of a successful candidate, and deter the unqualified.

I also recommend creating an internal document listing each skill set and attribute you are looking for.  Beside each listed item, put a priority number.  This becomes useful when you’ve got a few great looking candidates with different strengths. You can go back to this list and see which strengths are more valuable for this particular position and more easily make your decision.

Also, be sure you list a salary range and benefits.  Some employers decide to leave salary and benefits out of the job posting, either because it’s not attractive, or they don’t want applications sent in solely based on compensation.  This is a mistake.  While salary and benefits shouldn’t be the only reason someone wants to work for you, it is an important factor.  After all, this position is someone’s livelihood and the directly impacts the manner in which they live.  If it’s going to be a deal breaker, then let it be so, before you’ve taken the time and expense to interview them multiple times.

Create a Recruiting Campaign

A Company’s brand is worth its weight in gold. When an organization has a great sense of purpose, coupled with a compelling story and distinctive culture, well suited candidates are not hard to find.  In fact, it’s often the case that your ideal candidates will find you.  If you have not already done so, put together a phenomenal recruiting campaign that will attract a candidate that embodies your organization’s core values.

Create a Schedule

Creating a timetable for hiring, significantly reduces the time it takes to get a candidate vetted and onboarded.  It often happens that a post is placed, and it takes a company weeks or even month to finally get around to reviewing and selecting candidates for interview.  By that time, the best candidates have already been picked up by other companies, leaving you to start the process all over again or settle for someone still on the market.  I recommend including the following deadlines on your hiring schedule:

  • Application Submissions
  • Application Reviews
  • Setting First Round Interviews
  • Setting Second Round Interviews
  • Decision
  • Offers
  • Start Date


Take Notes

When looking over resumes, take notes! I usually one two highlighters. With one color I highlight the most impressive item on the resume and in the other color I highlight the most concerning.  At the bottom of the resume, I write a couple specific questions for the candidate I’ll be interviewing.  It’s so much easier to do this while the information is fresh in my mind.  Also, at the end of the interview, I’ll write down notes on the back of the resume of my impressions and anything else of interest. I also write notes from reference calls on the back of the resume. Then, when it’s time to make a decision, I have everything I need to know about a candidate, right at my fingertips.

Get Professional Help

Hiring for general positions may not be that difficult, however when you are looking for a highly specified skill, or looking to hire for a profession that may have a shortage, it’s often a better idea to outsource the recruiting work to a professional staffing agency.  This is often the quickest and least expensive way to gain access to a pool of qualified candidates, rather than paying for job postings on platforms that may not prove effective. Staffing companies can also help in building an efficient interview process once you connect with one. BE sure to consider reading other Innovo Staffing posts for hiring candidates here!

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