What is a Hybrid Office and Does it Work?

What is a Hybrid Office and Does it Work

Imagine this: you can work from the comfort of your own home for part of the week. Your employees can work from their homes. And, you can have important meetings face-to-face whenever you need to throughout the week.

It sounds like a dream. But, it’s not.

All you need is a hybrid office, a new way of working in today’s world. And, your business needs to know about it if you’re going to compete.

If you want to take advantage of this rush to the hybrid model, keep reading to learn more. Your employees will thank you.



What Is a Hybrid Office?

What Is a Hybrid Office?

A hybrid office can work in a variety of ways. However, there are three common setups:

  1. Some employees work in the office while others work from home.
  2. All employees work some days in the office and other days at home
  3. A mix between the first two

The hybrid office allows employees and employers to find a schedule that meets everyone’s wants and needs. Plus, there are environmental benefits as well as mental health benefits.


The Hybrid Workplace in COVID Times

Since the shifts in the job market during the COVID pandemic, businesses everywhere are adopting and loving the hybrid business model. During a time in which everyone needed to distance, companies had to create creative ways to continue getting work done. Therefore, the hybrid workplace was born.

Of course, during the pandemic, most workplaces were having their employees work entirely from home. However, as companies have learned better strategies, they’ve made better adjustments.

Thus, more and more businesses have been getting their workers ready for the hybrid office.



The Benefits of a Hybrid Team

The Benefits of a Hybrid Team

It may sound confusing to have several employees working different schedules. But, there are plenty of benefits that come with composing a team in this way.

From the environmental impact of your company to the mental health of each worker, a hybrid team offers advantages in multiple areas.

Environmental Benefits of Building a Hybrid Team

By building a hybrid team, you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your organization. Even if your employees carpool to work, they’re still using their car to go to work.

If they’re coming to work to do things that they could do at home, they’re wasting gas and contributing to pollution. Those daily car rides to the office add up.

But, a hybrid team reduces the number of individuals driving every day while lessening your negative impact on the environment.

Mental Benefits of Building a Hybrid Team

Some business leaders are scared to try any work from home models because they fear that employees won’t be productive. While that may occur with some individuals, others find that working from home actually works better for them. In fact, overall, telecommuters are 20-50% more productive than those who work in the office.

With this model, they’re able to sleep longer in the morning and get work done in the comfort of their own home. This is not to mention that they may be able to spend more time with family and friends.

Employees may also be able to get more done in less amount of time. Sometimes, this means that they can do more in the eight hours that they’re working. Other times, this means that they can get off of work early.

Either way, you’re working towards solving poor employee efficiency.

You’re also improving your employees’ lives and their time with your company. You’ll find that your employees will come to work in a much better mood and be ready to get things done every day.

And, you don’t have to worry about making sure that everyone is at the office. You’ve just got to look at your team’s progress at the end of the day and watch the office morale improve.



The Future of the Hybrid Business Model

The Future of the Hybrid Business Model

Even after the pandemic is long gone, companies will continue to transition to a new work from home policy. In fact, a new report shows that more than 50% of businesses are planning to change their work from home policies.

Although businesses have had the technological capabilities of the hybrid model for some time, it seems that the revolution is just now starting. Perhaps businesses experienced the position changes that the work from home movement during the pandemic had. Now, they’re looking to continue to take advantage of the work-from-home environment again.

In fact, some experts believe that the events of 2020 have accelerated all businesses further than they would’ve been today. On average, they believe that this digital transformation has jumped forward by seven years.

The Future of the Hybrid Office

If everyone is going to be working from home, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to business offices in the future. Well, we may be saying goodbye to open-space floor plans with cramped offices.

Instead, you may see smaller, localized offices.

Some companies may provide workspaces for employees across different cities, while others may just keep their corporate headquarters. Although, small spaces are the way to go if you want to maintain healthy employee relationships. There’s something special about being able to meet your employees face-to-face every once in a while.

And, some coworkers may want to have a space to meet in person if there is a project or task that they need to work on. Providing these spaces for your full-time and your temporary employees may help them get more work done together.



Staffing Your Hybrid Team

Staffing Your Hybrid Team

When it comes to hiring new people for your hybrid office model, you need Innvo Staffing. Our team are experts in staffing temporary and permanent positions in finance, accounting, and administration positions. And, you’ll have the variety you need to complete your hybrid team.

As you’re making the shift into the hybrid workplace, you’re going to want to have a staff that is ready for anything. And, our employees are ready to jump on board.

Go ahead and contact us today so that we can find the perfect addition to your team.

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