It Begins With Listening

Our recruiters are committed to learning about your goals and interests to ensure that we pair you only with employers and opportunities that will help you advance your career and reach your objectives.

During our hiring process you will:

  • Fill out applications as required for the position and by law
  • Undergo a phone or in-person interview focusing on both job-specific ability and soft skills
  • Identify suitable opportunities for you to choose from

If you are an excellent match for a position that’s also a great career move for you, we’ll forward your profile to the employer.

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Holiday Pay

After working 520 hours in a 52-week period, the temporary employee will receive a check equal to eight hours at the current pay rate for each holiday. The candidate must work the business day before and after the holiday.

Paid holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Referral Bonuses

At Innovo Staffing, we are always on the lookout for high-quality candidates. If a temporary employee refers a candidate who is subsequently placed at Innovo’s client site on either a temporary or permanent basis, then the temporary employee will receive a referral bonus.

For temporary placements, the temporary employee will receive $1.00 for every straight-time hour worked by the referred candidate, up to a maximum referral fee of $500.00 and after the referred candidate has worked 160 hours in a 52-week period for Innovo Staffing. In the event that the client cannot collect the billable hours, and/or the candidate is terminated for cause, those hours worked will not be calculated in the referral bonus pay.

For permanent placements, a temporary employee will receive a $500.00 referral bonus after the candidate has been employed by the client company for 90 days and has paid Innovo’s placement fee invoice.

Note: all taxes related to bonuses will be paid in accordance with IRS regulations.

Sick Time

Temporary employees in NYC may be eligible for sick time in accordance with NYC or Philadelphia laws, which are subject to change at any time. Please review this notice for more information. If you prefer to review the notice in another language, please ask an Innovo representative.

Direct Deposit

For your paycheck(s).

Workers’ Compensation and Disability

Innovo complies with all state and federal laws governing workers’ compensation and disability. Please refer questions to an Innovo representative or review the postings at Innovo Staffing’s office for more information.

Vacation/Bonus Pay

After working 1,040 hours in a 52-week period, the temporary employee will receive a check equal to 40 hours pay at the averaged pay rate.