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Hiring temporary employees

Businesses are seldom static – and that’s a good thing! A business in motion is a thriving one.  Because businesses have a life of their own, there is often need for change. Businesses that dominate industries have figured out how to remain agile and flexible to ensure these changes translate to growth. They’ve figured out the secret formula to remaining profitable, while endeavoring to reach new heights.  At the heart of this formula, is the ability to find creative financial solutions in order to achieve goals. With labor accounting for at least one-third of a business’s expenses, in most industries, the utilization of staffing agencies is a highly effective way to mitigate costs while undergoing change. Here are some circumstances where hiring a staffing agency is a great alternative to either paying overtime or hiring permanent positions.

  1. Significant Volume Growth

We’ve all been there.  You get a few big contracts that are going to require a lot of extra hands on deck.  You’ve never tackled projects on this scale, so you’re not sure how many more people you will need.  You definitely don’t want to underperform, so you hire with a bit of cushion to make sure you make deadline. One the projects are over, you realize you have six extra part time employees draining a clock and absolutely no work to give them.  Growth phases in business can be tricky, because you are beginning to see huge spikes in sales but not consistently.  Sales are still erratic and without prior years to use as predictors, your scheduling is all over the place.  Eventually, you will need all the extra staff permanently but in the meantime, extra hires are an extravagance you can’t afford.

Staffing agencies are the perfect solution for a business in transition.  Not only can you alter staffing as needed, but you also forgo the time and money spent on recruiting.  It’s a great way to test the waters, while determining your new staffing needs.  Also, when you’re ready to make permanent hires, you’ll typically have great candidates on hand that are already familiar with your processes.

  1. Internal Projects

Tackling those big internal projects can be a huge undertaking and the longer these projects drag out, the more frustrating it can be on the team, as they must use time consuming workarounds in the meantime.  Whether you’re upgrading software or changing accounting processes, when it comes to big projects, the biggest priority is to get it executed as soon as possible.

Using a staffing agency to identify temporary help is ideal, because it eases the workload for your current staff and ensures they don’t fall behind on their normal duties. It also gets the job done much faster, as you can hand select for the specific skill set you need for the project.  In a lot of cases it’s even a good idea to keep these individuals on for the first few weeks of the roll out or beta testing to assist with questions and potential bugs. Hiring a staffing agency gives you access to candidates who are ready to start asap, saving you time and a faster completion to your project.

  1. Peak Season

No matter your industry, these is always at least one time of year where traffic and sales spike.  This can be great for business, but only if you can deliver! Peak season may be a record setter for sales, but you don’t want it to be a record setter for refunds too. Since peak seasons seldom last more than a couple months, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hire permanent staff with no experience that’d you’ll spend weeks training, only to have to let them go once the season is over. Hiring a staffing agency who is familiar with your industry and has available candidates provides immediate relief to your team.

Professionals from staffing agencies are vetting prior to being signed on with the agency, so you can be pretty certain that whomever you select for your temporary position will be qualified and experienced in whatever skill set you need.  Agency veterans are also highly adept at joining a new team and learning on the fly. Hiring a staffing agency for temporary help for whatever reason makes your life easier and allows you to focus on what you need to do.

If you find yourself in a staffing conundrum, the answer may be much simpler than you think.  Trying to evaluate staffing needs is best done with a combination of research and trial and error.  The use of staffing agencies while you are determining your needs is essential to the vitality and evolution of your business. Reach out to us at Innovo Staffing for further insight how we can help with your temporary staffing needs!




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