What to Look For When You Hire a Staffing Agency

What to Look For When Hiring a Staffing Agency

For growing companies, the inevitability of hiring new talent may seem daunting. As soon as the job listing goes live, your workload increases drastically.

So, how can you avoid spending countless hours sorting through applications and ensure that you find the best candidates for your team?

Many companies are looking to hire a staffing agency to act as the middle man in the hiring process and shoulder the bulk of work. According to statistics, 16 million temporary and contract workers are hired by staffing agencies every year in the U.S.

So whether you’re looking for temporary staff or to hire someone long-term, it might be time to reach out to a staffing agency. Keep reading to find out what you need to know before outsourcing your hiring process.



What Is a Staffing Agency?

What Is a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies recruit potential employees across a range of industries. However, most agencies specialize in certain industries in order to find the very best people available for their clients.

Additionally, staffing agencies recruit based on their clients’ needs. This means that the talent sourced will fit the clients’ desired requirements. This is determined based on the candidate’s qualifications.

Lastly, staffing agencies serve both the client and the candidate equally. Candidates determine exactly what they are looking for and don’t have to submit applications on a regular basis.

Similarly, clients can save on time and resources and simply interview the chosen candidates.



What Can You Expect From a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency will work with you from the beginning to the end of the hiring process. From the applicant search to the final signature, they will handle all of the time-consuming elements and leave the final decision to you.


Determining the Job Description

The job description should be a reflection of the company’s core values as well as identify the essential requirements.

Agency workers will partner with you to determine the central message for your job description. From there, they handle advertising to candidates or they reach out to individuals they think would be a good fit.


Sorting Through the Candidates

Sorting Through the Candidates

Recruiters sort through the applications and vet them based on their qualifications.

Additionally, they communicate with the candidates to answer any further questions. This ensures that you’ll end up with someone who displays both the skill set needed and the motivation to grow with your team.


Scheduling the Interviews

At the end of this process, candidates that show the most potential will be chosen for interviews. The hiring manager can then make the final call. This means that both the interviewee and interviewer can rest assured that they aren’t wasting their time.

When all is said and done, it’s up to you to decide, through the interview process, who is the best fit for your company.


Dealing With the Paperwork

Dealing With the Paperwork

Finally, the hiring process isn’t complete until the dotted line is signed. Everything from contracts to payroll and tax information can be communicated and completed through the staffing agency.

This speeds up the process and avoids any confusion along the way so you can get on with onboarding new hires.



Is It Time to Hire a Staffing Agency?

Those that feel the greatest positive impact from using a staffing agency include small, growing businesses. These companies often don’t have entire teams dedicated solely to hiring.

Similarly, companies that prefer to streamline their team resources in order to prevent wasted time and money benefit greatly from using a staffing agency as they don’t have to pile more work onto valued employees.

Companies that rely on temporary staff for certain projects often seek out an employment agency to mitigate the ongoing process of sourcing talent.

In summary, when there is a need for a quicker and more efficient hiring process, it might be time to hire a staffing agency.




How a Staffing Agency Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

How a Staffing Agency Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

Now that you know what a staffing agency is, how they operate, and when to reach out to one, it’s time to look at the benefits.


Speed up the Hiring Process

With a more competitive workforce comes more candidates to choose from. This can result in overwhelmed companies that don’t have the time to dedicate to effectively assessing each applicant. Inevitably, this leaves more room for error in finding the right fit which can increase job turnover.

A staffing agency effectively eliminates this by lessening the pool of candidates to choose from and increasing the value of what every candidate interviewed can offer by vetting applications ahead of time.


Lessen the Risks

Because applicants are vetted and chosen based on your established criteria, the chances of it being a lasting fit increase greatly. You can lessen the likelihood of new hires not being able to meet demands or leaving unexpectedly.

Additionally, if your company is busy and growing, you don’t have to worry about any important paperwork falling through the cracks. A staffing agency will handle all of that in a timely manner so there aren’t any surprises later on down the road.



Grow Your Company With Ease and Hire a Staffing Agency Today

Grow Your Company With Ease and Hire a Staffing Agency Today

Now that you know how a staffing agency works and how it can benefit your company, it’s time to reach out. Find an agency that specializes in what you need and expect to save on time and resources that can be funneled back into growing your business.

For more information on how to hire a staffing agency, visit our blog and contact us to get started today.

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