Marketable Finance Skills You Had No Idea You Had

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Marketable Finance Skills You Had No Idea You Had


When searching for your next finance position, you need to market yourself so that employers know how you add value to their organization. Therefore, you want to focus on the finance skills you possess that hiring managers want and need. Here are four finance skills you may have that set you apart from the competition and make you the best candidate for an open role.


  • Using New Technology

Being adept at using new technology puts you in greater demand by top employers. For example, if you work in accounting, you may use technology to dig deeply into analytics, financial systems, or strategy and performance reporting. Also, using integration tools, unified applications, or automated control monitoring in any area of finance increases workflow efficiency and effectiveness. Utilizing new technology helps you make smarter business decisions and provides more value to the company.


  • Making Sense of Big Data

Making sense of clients, sales, and other complex data is vital. Using that information to target new clients, customize products, and improve services is greatly beneficially for a company. When you apply big data to business operations, you add value to the organization by helping it evolve and remain competitive.


  • Managing the Triple Bottom Line

Because traditional methods of business operation focused almost exclusively on increasing profits, many natural resources have been destroyed. As a result of not being able to access natural resources, companies have often times been forced seek alternative, more costly resources.  When an organization increases the price of its products/services to offset high costs, many clients look elsewhere to fill their needs. By expanding the bottom line to include profit, people, and the planet, you create a triple bottom line that takes into consideration the social and environmental impacts of how a company earns revenue.


  • Thinking Strategically

When you assist a company with strategic project management and planning, you help guide the direction of the business and the potential for increased revenue. For example, in addition to month-end and statutory reporting, many corporate controllers are responsible for interpreting company data and helping make decisions that may bring in new clients, increase productivity, expand operations, and provide other benefits. By thinking strategically, you help plan a company’s future in order to stay competitive.


Because new finance skills are often more valuable than experience, it’s important you focus on what you have to offer, when marketing yourself. For assistance with securing your next accounting or finance position, get in touch with Innovo Staffing today!

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