6 Quick Ways for Figuring Out “What Should My Salary Be?”

6 Quick Ways for Figuring Out "What Should My Salary Be?"

Do you ever feel like you aren’t earning what you should at your job? Does asking for a raise sound terrifying? Asking for a raise can be stressful, but it’s important for you to ask yourself, what should my salary be?

By researching other positions and companies, you can learn more about salary expectations. Then, you can go into any pay negotiation meeting feeling ready to ask for what you deserve.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to learn about your ideal salary.



Online Pay Rate Reports

The internet is one of the best places to look to when asking what should my salary be? You can use many different websites to get an idea of how much you can or should make in your field.

Some resources are more general and provide the average salary for all workers in the US. However, other resources can get more specific based on your location since the Northeast can have a higher cost of living.

You can look at a variety of websites to find excellent salary and career advancement information. When you go to apply for a job, you can make sure it will pay what you need, and you can know how to write the best resume for it.



1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an excellent place where you can apply to jobs. But you can also use it to learn more about average salaries.

The website lets you search by your location and career field. Then, you can narrow down your search to specific job titles or companies.

You can see how much people in those jobs make on average, and that can help you determine how much to ask for in an interview. While the job market is changing, Glassdoor is still a standard resource to use for salary information.



2. PayScale

You can also use PayScale to learn more about your market rate. The tool lets you search for pay rates for your current job as well as others, so you can consider what you should make if you switch careers.

Their salary calculator can give you a detailed report on what you can expect to earn. You should provide as much information as you can to get even more accurate results.

If you have a job but want a raise, you can use the report to back up why you deserve more money. You can take a screenshot or print out your PayScale report for when you go to ask for a raise.


Bureau of Labor Statistics

3. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is another excellent resource for finding average salaries in the country. While you will see data throughout the nation, you can find almost any job on the list.

You can view how many people work in the field, how much people make per hour, and the annual mean wage. Whether you work per hour or for a salary, the table can help you.

If there’s a job you’re more interested in, you can click on the job title for more information. Then, you can see if the pay is worth it for the work.



In the Industry

You may still wonder, what should your salary be? If you don’t find a solid answer from a general search, you can look within your specific field.

The specific resources you use can vary from industry to industry and even position to position. You can use these options to further narrow down your worth.

That way, you can negotiate your pay, and you can make sure your negotiation is reasonable. Consider a few options where you can learn more about salary rates.


Industry Publications

4. Industry Publications

You can review industry associations and publications, like magazines. Some professional magazines may list jobs with pay rates.

If you don’t have those, you can also consult a professional organization in your field. They may have a job board on their website where members can view and apply to jobs, and you may see pay for some positions.

Depending on your industry, you may not have any publications with job information. But you can use those publications or associations to meet contacts in the field, and you can build your network in case you get employee burnout or need help.


Your Network

5. Your Network

If you’re wondering, what should my salary be, you should ask people in your network that work in the field. What is a network? A network is a group of people you know.

If you want to be a marketing manager and know someone who is, you can ask that person if they’re comfortable sharing their salary. Using a salary calculator can be great, but having real examples will give you even more information.

In a city like New York, your salary expectations can be a bit higher than in the Midwest, so the salary average for the country might be lower than what you can make.

So if you know someone working in the city you want to work in, they can give you a better-expected salary range.


Ask HR

6. Ask HR

If you know what company you want to work for, or you currently have a job, you can talk to the HR department. Your HR coordinator can tell you the starting salary for a potential new job.

In your current job, you can also talk to HR about what might be a small or big raise. When you have your annual review, you can negotiate for that increase in pay.

Now, not all HR employees will be upfront with you about salary, especially when applying for a new job. However, it is something to ask about during any company’s hiring process.

That way, you can make sure you choose the right job and company to work for. But you may not be able to choose a job if you don’t know, what your salary should be.



What Should My Salary Be?

Whether you’re looking for your first job or to get a raise, you may be wondering, what should my salary be? A lot goes into setting realistic salary expectations.

Your expected salary range can depend on your location, job field, and experience. So don’t be afraid to do some research online and talk to others in your industry.

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