Are Employment Agencies Good For Job Searching?

Employment Agencies Good for Job Searching Innovo Staffing

Are employment agencies any good? Do they actually add value to the job search?


You’re hunting high and low for a job. You’re scouting out the perfect position at the perfect company. But over time, the job search starts to wear you down. You’re spending countless hours sending in applications and interviewing… to no avail. You start to feel like you’ll take any job that comes your way. And maybe you do take the first job that lands in your lap… only to be even more frustrated a few months later when you’re in a job you don’t like that isn’t pushing your career forward.


Job searching has become nearly impossible to do on your own. With thousands of open positions and even more competition for those positions, it can be challenging to snag your dream job—let alone even find that job. 


That’s the purpose of an employment agency. Employment agencies pair a candidate to an open position. But their goal is to find the right candidate for the right job—not just to fill roles randomly. Failing to make the right match reflects poorly on the agency, so they have a lot at stake. That’s why employment agencies are so useful for candidates who are on the hunt. Your agency has a stake in your success, so you’re more likely to succeed. 


How do employment agencies work, are employment agencies any good, and who do they work best for? 

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How do employment agencies work? 


When you’re looking for a job, you probably start by checking out a bunch of job boards and company postings. Employment agencies also offer their own sorts of job boards where you can start your search if you’re in the browsing mindset. 


Or you could skip all the headaches and go direct to the agency. You send the agency your application and information, and they’ll start searching for the best job for you. Some agencies will go on the prowl for you, while others have a wide enough net of opportunities already within their system that is ready for the taking. This cuts through the noise of all the jobs out there, narrowing your search to only those positions and companies that actually matter to you.  


Employment agencies get paid for this in one of two ways: 


1) They may charge a commission fee if they function as the candidate’s agent. For example, in New York, an agency can charge a job candidate a small percentage of their first year’s salary for a certain period of time. This is usually only typical if the agency has to go out of their network to find you a job. 


2) Organizations searching for job candidates will pay a fee to the employment agency to fill certain roles. Companies spend a lot of money and resources on recruiting and screening candidates, so outsourcing to an employment agency is usually a less expensive option for them. They get great talent (like you) at a lower price with a faster process. 


Are employment agencies any good? 


Do employment agencies actually work? 


The answer is yes. Definitely. Employment agencies have a breadth of jobs available in their system, but that’s not all. They offer a wide network of contacts in a variety of organizations and industries. They can get you in the door at some of the most competitive organizations (that are incredibly challenging to get into on your own). Basically, you get to cut through the red tape to get to those people who make the decisions about your next career step. 


Perfect match


Employment agencies aren’t all about connections, though. Their goal is to match the right person to the right position. If one or both parties aren’t satisfied, the employment agency could hurt their reputation. So it’s always in the agency’s best interest to ensure you’re matched with the right company, job, title, benefits, and company mission. They’ll also make sure that you have the right skills, experience, and training to offer the company in return.  


The best employment agencies, like Innovo Staffing, take a customized approach to the job search. We look at not only who you are on paper but who you are as a real-life candidate. What are your goals and aspirations? What do you envision your career looking like? How do you want your next job to improve your life? 




Employment agencies want to make sure you’re marketable. They have to preserve their reputation by offering only top tier talent to their client organizations. That means they’ll likely offer tools and resources to make you the most attractive and skilled candidate you can be. This may include resume-building tools and interview coaching


Salary negotiation


Employment agencies may offer salary negotiation assistance. This is especially the case if the agency charges you a salary-based fee for their commission—the higher your salary, the more they make. Even if they don’t charge the candidate a fee, they want you to get the highest possible pay for the work you will be doing. They’re on your side, and they want you to succeed and grow—including financially.


There’s also a self-serving purpose to their salary negotiation. Higher salaries prove the value of their candidates. Top-notch talent will work with employment agencies that have a history of helping get higher salaries for their candidates; inversely, organizations are more excited to work with agencies that attract this top talent. 


Key benefit


Ultimately, it’s in the agency’s best interest to make you as successful as possible. They have a stake in your success. If you don’t like the role, you don’t perform well, or you’re underpaid, then the agency looks bad. More so, the best employment agencies care about your success. They’re in the business because they want to see you soar! At Innovo Staffing, we know we’re advancing our society by bringing the best talent to the best companies, which opens up a wealth of opportunities for everyone!  


That’s why working with an employment agency is so useful (and essential). You have the opportunity to grow your skills and become an enhanced candidate, which helps you land more challenging and rewarding jobs with higher pay. 

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Who do employment agencies work for? 


Employment agencies are best for… anyone searching for a job! Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent work, whether you’re a recent grad or looking for a career change, an agency can find you a role that suits you. There are different types of agencies based on the industry and position you’re looking for. Make sure you find a reputable, established company within your desired industry to get started. 


Innovo Staffing focuses on the finance and accounting industries. We place interim, direct-hire, and consulting professionals in a variety of roles in the tri-state area. If you’re new to the “world of numbers,” we can help you grow your skills, find the right career path, and shape your resume. If you’re experienced in the industry, we’ll help ensure your next step is forward and upward in terms of challenges, goals, passion, and salary. Learn more about us here


How do you start with an employment agency? 


  1. Send your resume to Innovo Staffing
  2. Someone will contact you for a consultation. 
  3. Stay flexible during the job search. It will be easier to find the right job if you don’t have too many criteria. You may not know what exactly it is you want unless you’re presented with a lot of options. 
  4. Expand your skills with training and tools. Be the best candidate you can be. Innovo Staffing will help with that. 


It’s time to find your dream job. Stop scrounging the web for something that might work. Send your application to Innovo Staffing to streamline the process and pair you with the perfect role for your next career move. 


So, are employment agencies any good? See for yourself with Innovo Staffing


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