How Employers Can Prepare For a Video Interview

How Employers Can Prepare For a Video Interview

If you’re one of the many companies that have moved to full-time remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely beginning to conduct video interviews. A video interview is a fantastic, low-hassle way to screen potential employees. It just takes a little practice to get used to the video interview format!

When conducting interviews over the internet, it’s vital to be totally prepared. You want to be unflappable in case Zoom starts to buffer, or other technical issues arrive! Video interviews are the way of the future, but they require some adjustment.

In this article, we’ll give you the best video interview tips. You’ll learn how to maximize the time you get with each potential employee, troubleshoot with grace, and run your most efficient interviews yet!



Why you Should Do Video Interviews

Why you Should Do Video Interviews

Firstly, they’re the best way to hire while staying socially distant! In the face of the pandemic, recruiting practices have changed to be completely online. This has led to some swift innovation in the hiring world.

Secondly, video interviews are fast-paced and easy. Setting up your webcam is much easier than finding a space, time, and mindset for interviewing.

Video interviews also reduce the variables that are out of your and the applicant’s control! As long as you both have a computer and an internet connection, you’re good to go! No more dealing with traffic, broken elevators, or other extraneous issues.

COVID-19 has changed the job market for good; make sure you can keep up.



How Video Interviews Differ from Live Interviews

The big difference between video interviews and live interviews is the time allotted. Video interviews can be faster-paced than live interviews, and allow you to cut any fluff or pleasantries between.

Interviews done online are more utilitarian in nature, especially if you’re looking to hire multiple people. Closing out a Zoom call and entering another is a lot easier than switching between candidates in person!

Video interviews allow for more privacy, efficiency, and interfacing time. Candidates and recruiters alike have adjusted to this process very quickly. But how do you conduct a video interview differently from an in-person one?



Great Video Interview Questions

Great Video Interview Questions

On the whole, conducting a video interview is not as radically different as in-person interviews. You’re getting a feel for the applicant and determining whether or not they are right for the position. The only difference is it’s all done through a screen!

But here are some questions that are great for video interviews specifically. Especially if you are hiring remote employees, these questions will help you get a feel for the virtual applicant.

These questions will soon become standard in a remote-working world. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve!


How have you adjusted to remote work?

Remote work isn’t for everybody. Hear the ways that the applicant has adjusted their routine, begun to self-motivate, and adjusted overall.


Do you have experience working from home?

Millions of people have only begun to work remotely in 2020. See if your candidate has any prior experience with remote work and self-motivating.


What is your comfort level with work-related technology?

If the applicant is struggling to use Zoom, you can try and see what technology they are comfortable with. Give them a chance to prove their tech-savviness.


Is this your first video interview?

This will not only allow you to excuse any “first video interview” jitters but will give you an idea of how long they’ve been job-seeking. Video interviews take some rehearsing from the applicant’s end, as well!


What made you apply for this job?

A standard in the recruiting process, this question allows the applicant to make their case for the position.


Do you prefer individual work or to work in teams?

Remote work is very individualistic, but through Asana and other team technology, remote teamwork is easier than ever. Determine whether the applicant seems fit to self-motivate, or will work best collaboratively.



Maximizing Your Screen Time

Video interviews can move faster than in-person interviews. Make sure you’re prepared for the fast pace of these interviews! Here are a few ways to maximize the time you get to interface with each applicant.

Write everything down. Dead air on a video call is a killer; prevent that from happening by having all of your questions written down in front of you.

Test your internet connection beforehand. Use this speed-tester to make sure your connection is up to snuff.

Log on early! Your applicant may log on five to ten minutes ahead of time to look good. Make sure you’re there, too.



Incorporating Video Applications

Incorporating Video Applications

If you’ve already incorporated pre-employment tests into your hiring practice, this is a natural next step. Video applications allow you to screen employees before ever meeting with them, allowing you to determine whether or not they’re worth your time.

Video applications are especially handy if you’re hiring for a customer-facing position. This way, you’ll be able to see the applicant’s natural demeanor. Video applications give you time to really analyze a person beyond their resume, and provide for a more unique candidate experience!

Your application can also contain a video segment. The entire application doesn’t have to be virtual! But incorporating video elements will show applicants that you’re a forward-thinking, cutting-edge company.



Go Virtual With Confidence!

Now that you know all the vital information about conducting a video interview, you’re ready to change your whole hiring process! Using video technology to facilitate the hiring process allows you to maximize your efficiency and your time. Conducting an interview online is new now, but soon you’ll wonder why you ever did it another way!

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