What Employer Questions Need to be Asked?

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What Employer Questions Need to be Asked?


As an employer, you’re always on the lookout for quality workers. Therefore, it’s important to ask the right questions during interviews to uncover whether a candidate has what you’re looking for. Here are a few employer questions you may ask accounting or finance candidates to hire the best talent.


  • What Do You Know About Our Company and Our Competition?

Find out exactly how much research the candidate has performed on your company and your competition. If a candidate is truly interested in joining your team, they’ll have visited your website and formed a working background on what products/services you offer and how the candidate may add value to your organization. Candidates who don’t have a specific answer may simply be looking for a job and won’t be as dedicated to helping your business grow.


  • Why Do You Want This Role?

Determine exactly what the candidate finds attractive about the position. Besides exhibiting the necessary skills and experience for being successful in the role, perhaps the candidate is looking for a higher position or has some ideas to help your business evolve. If the candidate lacks a meaningful goal for joining your team, they may not be as interested in providing value to your organization.


  • What Are Your Three Biggest Work Accomplishments?

Uncover the candidate’s three biggest accomplishments so you may determine how goal-oriented they are. Look for ways the candidate saved previous employers time or money and/or increased revenue. Because these issues are always among your top priorities, you want a candidate who can help  you reach goals in those areas.


  • Can You Describe a Difficult Conversation You Had with a Manager or Colleague in Another Department?

Because communication plays a big part in a candidate’s and company’s success, workers may have to discuss difficult topics at times. For example, an accountant may uncover reporting issues that need to be addressed with colleagues. Look for a candidate who efficiently and effectively handles issues so they’re resolved as quickly as possible. If problems aren’t faced head on, they become more challenging and take longer to solve.


  • Will You Work Any Hours Necessary?

Because accounting and finance can be incredibly demanding, it’s important you find a candidate willing to put in the hours required to complete their work. A candidate will most likely have to come in early, stay late, and work at odd times to finish their tasks. Uncover which candidates are truly dedicated to their work so you don’t end up replacing them soon after they’re hired.


These are a few employer questions you should be asking to determine your best candidates for open positions. For assistance with filling your accounting and finance roles, contact Innovo Staffing today!


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