Why Your Company Should Have Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities

Why Your Company Should Have Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities Innovo Staffing


There are plenty of benefits to volunteering, especially when you provide those opportunities as an employer. Are you looking for ways to give back to your community while promoting personal growth within your company? Volunteering might be the key to what you are looking for!


Community service can be a part of an onboarding process, or something you offer on a monthly basis. Whatever your preference, here is everything you need to know when considering community service as a staple in your company culture


Corporate volunteer opportunities Innovo Staffing
Corporate volunteer opportunities

Benefits of Community Service

There is no singular party that benefits most from giving back, making this a win-win for all involved. Check out all the ways you can foster growth through offering opportunities for service:

Employee Benefits 

Whether you have a group looking for casual after-work plans, or have a team of passionate individuals hungry to give to their community, there is a way for everyone to do a little extra. 


Community service is also a great way for individuals within your company to build relationships with one another. Doing good can also be good for connecting to others. A strong team that can communicate (about work and about other things!) can increase productivity and limit tension in the office. 


Employees can also boost their own self-confidence in the process of giving back. The cyclical nature of doing good can do wonders for self-esteem. If you have a big board presentation coming up, maybe it is time to plant some trees with your local environmental organization. 


Furthermore, providing employees with corporate volunteer opportunities can make for more well-rounded individuals, which gives them support for growth! 

Business Benefits

Volunteering can also benefit you as an employer. It has been known to reduce stress and boost self-confidence, as aforementioned. If you have a team of individuals who are struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and seem unable to manage stress, consider planning a day trip to a local dog shelter. Not only will you be helping out people in the area, you will be able to help your employees — which in turn, helps you. A workplace with a healthy amount of stress will be more productive than one with a debilitating amount. 


Through offering these chances to your employees, whether mandatory or not, you also get an unfiltered view of their personalities. Have someone who drags their feet the second they walk into the food kitchen? Maybe that person isn’t the best culture fit for your group. It may be time for you to consider hiring other people who fit within your culture more. 


On top of it all, interacting with the community helps establish your company as reputable and respectable. At the end of the day, consumers will be more willing to trust your products or services if they know you care; and what better way to show you care than to literally do so with your actions? 

Community Benefits

With that, the community benefit seems pretty obvious. Most nonprofit and volunteer organizations are in need of additional helping hands. With the help of your highly qualified employees, you can make an impact within a group larger than your own. 


How to Start a Volunteer Program at Work Innovo Staffing
Volunteer Program at Work

How to Start a Volunteer Program at Work

According to VolunteerHub, “Employee volunteer programs housed within the workplace are popular and successful among large organizations such as UPS, Home Depot, and Honda of America.” With such large, thought-leading companies beginning to incorporate community service into their culture, it seems like a given that this might be something others should try — even if it is just once! 


If you are a smaller company and you don’t have an entire team dedicated to employee management, you can consider sourcing the individuals you have to get a better idea of their interests before planning such a big event. Have all your employees submit an organization or cause they care about and a contact number for each of them. Once you figure out the schedule that works best for you (maybe it is once a month, or even once a year for volunteering), you can set up a plan around that!

How to Involve Nonprofits 

As you reach out to nonprofits, you may find one you like, and even decide to donate to regularly. You can often get a representative to be your point-of-contact if you plan to have a prolonged relationship with the organization. 

Building Up Your Staff

Whether you are looking to build up your staff, or are simply looking to give back to those around you, volunteering can be an amazing tool. As your company evolves and expands, it is important to establish culture and hire people who fit into it


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