How to Dress Appropriately for a Fall Interview

Fall work attire

How to Dress Appropriately for a Fall Interview

Fall is a busy hiring season as businesses are making plans to pull out all the stops to hit their end of year goals.  If you’ve been called in to an interview this fall, you may be wondering what to wear.  Here are a few tips to keep you comfortable and professional so you dress appropriately for a fall interview.

  1. Dress in layers

Fall is that tricky time of year when inside temperatures swings can happen in the blink of an eye.  While it might be cool outside, offices may not have yet perfected their thermostat swap.  A lot of offices kick the heater on in the morning but forget to switch it back off as the day warms up.  Wearing layers can help you adjust from outside temperature to sweltering office temperatures effortlessly.

  1. Have your winter jacket dry-cleaned

Again, even though the weather might be sunny today, fall brings about odd temperature shifts.  You may wake up the morning of the interview and find it freezing outside.  The last thing you want to worry about is pulling your winter jacket out of storage and finding it badly stained and wrinkled.

  1. Don’t wear fuzzy clothes

It’s great to be in vogue, but fuzzy clothes are a terrible distraction.  First off, you don’t want to shed all over their office furniture or have puffs of floating fabric between you and your interviewer.  Also, clothes that shed a lot tend to create a tickle in your throat and can cause a persistent cough.

  1. Watch your makeup

Although fall fashion deems darker shades of makeup appropriate, be careful about going too dark.  Your makeup should never be distracting and dark makeup is distracting.  It also gives you an overall less friendly look.  Check your makeup in natural light and indoor light, before you leave for your interview, to make sure it is professionally applied.

  1. Take a professional bag

Fall and winter attire often require a lot of removable pieces.  It can be awkward to have your name called and then take an additional five minutes collecting your jacket, scarves, hat, gloves, etc.  If you carry a briefcase of sorts, you can store these items in your bag, so when your name is called you don’t have to worry about fumbling around for your belongings.

  1. Carry a small grooming kit

If the weather is chilly, you will likely wear a hat or other head covering.  However, when you arrive at the interview, you should remove your headwear.  If you carry a small grooming kit, including a comb and styling cream, you can quickly slip into the restroom and tidy up any hat hair issues.

Dress appropriately for a fall interviewand you will be looking good and feeling confident for you upcoming interview.  Best of luck!

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