How to Boost Office Morale 

Boosting Office Morale Innovo Staffing


Employee burnout is at an all-time high, and this can deeply impact morale in the workplace. While maybe not anyone’s first thought, maintaining employee morale is an essential part to developing a productive and supportive workplace.

Importance of Employee Morale

When you are in the thick of a busy season or have just hired a bunch of talented new recruits, it is important to set the tone and provide an environment filled with positivity. In fact, a recent study showed that people who report being happy at work are 20% more productive than their neutral or negative counterparts. When you spend over ⅓ of your day at your desk, it is important to feel good in that space. 


So whether you are a manager looking to pump up their team or a general employee looking to do a little extra, here are a few things to boost office morale and job satisfaction. 

1. Get Rid of the Negative People

While it is unfortunate to admit, there are sometimes rain clouds among our employed staff. By weeding out the negative people who are underperforming and delivering, you can lighten up the room entirely. As you take the necessary steps to get the wrong people off the team, you can take this opportunity to get the right ones on. Working with a recruiter can give you access to qualified, intelligent candidates that can bolster your team.

2. Get Them (the Good) Snacks

This one may sound like a joke, but we are very serious! While there is no immediate study that shows the ROI of snacks, providing fuel for your employees to get them through the day can make a huge difference. Giving your employees little things also shows you care. 


Work Outings Innovo Staffing
Work outings

3. Offer Work Outings

Work outings can be anything from a team lunch off campus to Saturday night mini golf. Providing opportunities for your team to unwind and destress can be amazingly beneficial for morale. If you encourage a healthy work-home life balance, your employees will feel more inclined to give their all at work.

4. Provide Fun Office Team Building Games 

Hosting team building exercises and events can make a huge difference in the workflow and overall mood in your office. Teams that work well together get more done. IF you are looking for inspiration behind the office activities you choose to offer, either for professional development or employee onboarding, check out this compiled list we made

5. Hire More Employees

This one is huge! A big drainer of employee and office morale is often the workload you put on your employees. If you have the resources to hire additional staff, consider doing so. The hiring process can be a strenuous and long journey, especially if you do not have an HR team to carry the bulk of the process for you. By working with a team of trained recruiters, you can optimize the search process. Bringing on qualified individuals will save you time, and ultimately money. When the right people are working for you — and doing their jobs well — you see all the benefits! 

6. Outsource the Workload

If you are unsure if you are ready and willing to onboard one or more employees, you can always look to outsource a portion of the workload. A virtual assistant can take loads of pressure off your employees; when tasks that can be taught easily, or focus on procedural lists, you can look to outsource these to someone else. When you take certain things off an employee’s plate, it gives them more time to be attentive to other work, or potentially further develop ideas and projects that have long been on the backburner. 


Having Fun at Office Innovo Staffing
Having fun at office

7. Offer Volunteer Experiences

While this may not be an obvious one, providing volunteer experiences to your employees can do a lot for morale. Giving people easy option to give back can improve self-esteem among your workers. On top of that, volunteer experiences can help your team form bonds and create friendships that can carry over into the workplace setting. This can bolster happiness and productivity among your team, which in turn, is a benefit for both you and your employees!


Final Thoughts

As you look for ways to engage your employees and improve office morale among the ranks, it is important you keep your team’s needs in mind. Every company culture is different, and it is important to identify it before you attempt to build it out. Having a clear sense of how you would like your company to structure in terms of culture can help you choose the best option, or options, for boosting morale when your team starts to slip. 


As your team continues to grow, make sure you have the right people on your side. Innovo Staffing can find you top quality talent that can positively contribute to your organization. 


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