Why Top Companies in New York Use Staffing Agencies

Why Top Companies in New York Use Staffing Agencies

Almost every company in America uses temporary employees.  It’s possible to find temp employees at every company level you can think of, from people who are new to the job market and looking for their first gig to project managers.  Bringing in someone to work for your company on a limited basis isn’t a new concept, and by this point, everyone knows that using temp agencies can be good for a company.  However, with the rise of the gig economy we’ve come to realize that temp work has a lot of career benefits for the temporary employee as well.  In fact, some people are now choosing to work as temporaries rather than accept traditional, full-time employment because of the flexibility, variety, and pay levels that come with temporary work, depending on your ability and experience.

It’s not a surprise that New York City has once again led the rest of America in embracing a new business trend.  In fact, New York has an amazing variety of staffing agencies that are tailored to the wide-ranging diversity of companies that are headquartered in the city.  It’s up to the rest of us to learn from their example and figure out how using temp agencies can benefit our companies and our careers even if we’re not based in New York.

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How Top Companies in New York use Staffing Agencies

One thing you can say about New York is that the city is full of talented, ingenious people with a lot of self-confidence.  Life in the city pretty much requires it.  When you live and work at the heart of the world economy, you don’t have time to worry about common wisdom.  While the rest of us are stuck dealing with outdated ideas and stereotypes, such as assuming that temporary employees are seat fillers and people who have no other career options, New York has embraced the fact that more and more accomplished professionals are choosing temporary employment.  This willingness to find new ways of doing business has helped the top companies in New York rise to their positions.  What is it that New York companies do to make 

Partner with the Right Staffing Agency

The first, and arguably, the most important step in replicating New York’s temporary employee success is to find the right staffing agency and develop a strong working relationship with them.  Talk to your colleagues and co-workers, review agencies your company may have worked within the past, and read reviews on web pages like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and even Yelp.  Don’t simply contact a staffing agency based on ads and blog posts.  Doing some research on the front end will save your company stress and money down the line

Understand the benefits, and costs, of using a staffing agency

There’s a cost when you work with a staffing agency, like any business.  But the cost of using a staffing agency only tells part of the story.  The pros and cons of using a staffing agency can really change your business.  Working with the right company will allow your company to focus on purposeful staffing with long-term team development plans rather than putting out staffing fires as they develop.

Insist on clear communication

It’s possible to find competent temporaries from an agency that doesn’t understand your business or who hasn’t taken the time to understand your staffing needs.  But you’ll have much better luck if the staffing agency is actively engaged and interested in helping you staff effectively.  Specify your staffing needs and expectations clearly and make sure that the agency you’re working with understands you and is directly involved in your search.  New Yorkers rarely have the time or the patience to waste on a company that isn’t interested in performing well, so don’t feel obligated to waste YOUR time on someone who doesn’t seem to be interested in earning your business.  If an agency can’t get you the kind of candidates your company needs, find one that will.

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Can’t our HR Department Handle our Staffing?

Human Resources Departments are great.  They are there to help your employees handle things like taxes, payroll, and benefits.  If your employees have a concern with another employee, HR can help smooth things over.  HR keeps the back end of your company going, making sure your employees are comfortable and performing well.  They may even do some recruiting.  But their department has a different purpose.  Your HR Department likely has several tasks, of which recruiting may only be one.  Fortunately, recruiting happens to be what a staffing agency concentrates on.  By partnering with a staffing agency, your recruiting efforts become twice as powerful, and great things can happen.

Here’s an idea of how working with a staffing department can improve your company’s recruiting efforts.

Hires happen faster, with minimal disruption

A staffing agency concentrates on finding people for positions.  Your HR department can make sure that there’s a fit before setting up any interviews.  The HR department can help the staffing agency understand what will be needed for the candidate and can help make sure there’s a good fit before the hiring managers talk to the candidate.  Meanwhile, the staffing agency has the freedom and bandwidth to recruit for the position.  When there’s a match, the HR department can make sure that the candidate starts as quickly as possible, with minimal headaches, and without taking your managers don’t have to be away from their primary tasks and responsibilities.  It’s truly a win-win situation.

Staffing agencies save your company money 

By using temporaries, your company actually saves money on the overhead costs of employment.  The staffing agency becomes the temporary’s employer of record, meaning that they, and not your company, are the temporary’s employer.  Because of that, the staffing agency is responsible for the temporary employee’s pay, taxes, and any insurance that’s required, such as Worker’s Comp and unemployment, all of which would impact the bottom line for a full-time employee.

Using a staffing agency saves your company legal headaches

A temporary employee is employed by the staffing agency.  Because the agency is the employer of record, they take on all legal risks that result from the temporary’s employment.  Your company is where the temporary employee works, but the temp doesn’t technically work for your company.  This means you don’t have to provide any kind of notice or severance when you no longer need the temporary employee.  At the same time, if you like the temp’s work, you can always keep using them, either by extending their contract or hiring them.  Using a staffing agency gives your company a chance to audition a new employee, watching how they perform on a daily basis without risk to your business. 

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Staffing agencies aren’t going away.  They find skilled people for job openings quickly, and with a minimum of hassle, filling a much-needed roll in American business.  It’s easy to see why staffing agencies are so popular in New York, a city where time is often literally money.  The ability to bring good people on quickly has been a huge factor in the success of New York’s top companies.  When you factor in the flexibility temporary employees provide the companies they work for, using them to complement your regular staffing is a win-win.

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