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Career Marketing

Career Marketing: Using a Website to Create Your Personal Brand?

There was a time when an undergraduate degree and a simple one page resume were enough to land you a well-paying job.  Those days are a fond, yet distant memory. To say the job market is competitive these days would be an understatement.  In fact, you are no longer merely competing against those seeking employment, you are also competing against increasingly available freelancers, and small firms.

These competitors have two main advantages.  First, they are not limited to a one page, bullet-ed resume.  Secondly, they have the opportunity to network and hand out business cards even before a job becomes available with the greatest sales tool of the past decade – a website.  This website allows potential buyers to experience the best these small firms have to offer.

In response to this, a growing number of job seekers are beginning to create personal websites to help build their career.  This allows you to establish recognition and awareness for your skill set wherever you go.

These are the must haves of any Career Marketing website.

  1. A Brand

If your career had a theme, what would it be? It’s not only about the skills you have, but the accumulation of your experience and how they shape your professional aspirations.  It also speaks to your unique style and role within a company.  Are you the expert, the heart of the team, the motivator, the innovator, the reliable achiever, the analytic? Every addition you make to your site, should emphasize your brand.

  1. Pictures

Pictures truly do say a thousand words.  It’s one thing to see a bullet on a resume that says you volunteer at a local soup kitchen, and quite another to see a picture of you serving those in need.  It’s great to hear in an interview that you worked well with your last team, but it speaks volumes to have a picture of you hanging decorations for the Christmas party.  It’s important to remember that this is a professional site, so keep the pictures appropriate and in good taste. But don’t forget to have fun with this section and really show prospective employers how great you are as a person. This is Career Marketing after all.

  1. A Blog

As a blog writer, I can tell you this is a bit of work, but well worth the effort.  Writing a blog can help illustrate your expertise and passion for your chosen career.  Again, everyone in the interview claims to be “proficient” or “well versed” in something, but a blog allows you to showcase your knowledge.  It also shows your dedication to your career.  A lot of individuals decide to stop learning after college.  By writing blogs on the newest and latest information in your industry, you are putting yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

  1. About Me Page

When speaking to a copywriter, the first thing they will look at when evaluating your copy and creating a new campaign is to look at the “about us” page.  This is no different in personal branding.  The “about me” page sets the tone for the entire website.  It is the crux on which your appeal rests.  Whether you’re selling services or a blender, people don’t buy the product, they buy you.

  1. Reference

References are one of the most overlooked opportunities of personal websites.  They allow you to capture a quote and specific acclaim.  When a company calls a reference, they are often calling “blind”.  They ask standard questions that may or may not reveal why your reference is such a fan. By adding references to your site, you can interview them yourself and highlight items you excel at specific to your brand. You can even put a picture to the name if permitted.

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