Career Advice – Who do You Turn to?

Career Advice


Career Advice – Who do You Turn to?

When facing a new career opportunity, it’s only natural to turn to your inner circle for career advice.  While advice from the people who know you best is often invaluable, when it comes to your career, it may be a different story. Close friends and family want the very best for you, but unless they are experienced in your chosen career, they may not have the necessary tools to help you evaluate your choices.  Also, advice from your inner circle is often biased.  If you’ve complained to your friends about your current boss, or if your parents are concerned about the amount of travel a new opportunity would demand, it may alter the direction in which they nudge you. Seeking the opinion of your close friends and family is certainly a good idea for any big life choice, especially those whom your decision will directly affect, however it should not be the crux if your decision. There are more reliable resources for professional career advice.



A great place to look for wisdom regarding your career is someone who has made it to the next level of your career.  Perhaps not your actual boss, as the advice might not be given with some degree of self interest, but someone who can give you insight as to what it takes to move up.  If you don’t already have a friendship with someone at this level, start attending networking events for your industry to make these important connections.  The extraordinary thing about finding a mentor, is the career advice you receive is not isolated to strategic career decisions, but also includes advice about attitude and office politics.  This is vetted information, with the utmost relevance because your mentor’s success was achieved in your very own local job market. It’s important to choose your mentor wisely.  This should be someone that is not only successful, but also someone who you respect on a personal and moral level.

Virtual Mentor

If you are hard pressed to find a local mentor, you can always find wisdom in books.  Today’s literary market is in possession of some of the best professional wisdom out there.  From CEOs who have built billion dollar empires, to professionals who have risen to the top of their respective industries, these books give you an inside look at what strategies  gurus have used to achieve enormous success.  One of the best things about books, is you can read several books and distill from the mass of information, the best and most relevant advice.  Virtual mentors can also be found through webinars and e-courses, however be sure you properly research who you are taking advice from.  With the recent surge in popularity of coaching and gurus, anyone can claim they have it all figured out.  Do a little internet research first to find out how successful they are and if there is any information out there about scams or unethical practices.

Spiritual Mentor

Making a career decision is very much a logical one, and your spiritual health is key to being successful in your job.  Without the right attitude, a phenomenal job opportunity would be wasted.  Not every great opportunity is a great opportunity for you. Discuss your career options with whomever your spiritual mentor is.  Whether it’s a religious leader, therapist, or life coach, discussing your options with someone who knows your personality well  can help you be sure you would thrive in this new environment.  Rather than making an emotional decision, you are rationally evaluating whether this career move would benefit you from every applicable perspective.

When it’s all said and done, the decision lies with you, and rightly so.  This is  a decision that you alone are uniquely qualified to make.  There are no guarantees that you are making the right choice, but life is a learning experience and by maximizing your resources you can move forward with confidence. We assist our candidates everyday and often help those who aren’t actively looking for a career change as well. If you want to talk about career decisions be sure to reach out to us at



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