10 Top Admin Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia (Updated 2020)

Top Admin Staffing Agencies in Philadelphia (Updated 2020)

Leading Resources for Administrative Staffing in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has always been a center of commercial activity dating from William Penn’s promise in 1681 that he would lay out “a large towne or city in the most convenient place upon the Delaware River for health & navigation” to its current status as the center of all Pennsylvania commerce with a Gross Metro Product of $129.1B. Finance, healthcare, and tourism are three of the largest industries (and employers) in the city but the metropolitan economy relies heavily on a robust and diverse base of small to medium-sized enterprises engaged in a myriad of businesses.

Today, Philadelphia businesses, like businesses across the nation, are confronted with new staffing challenges thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic. Supply chains, logistics, transportation, consumer goods and services, healthcare resources, and eventually, municipal services have all been disrupted to some extent. These disruptions affect every business in Philadelphia by creating a new business environment. To remain viable, it is more important than ever that businesses remain agile and willing to adapt to new paradigms.

Business success today means acquiring and mastering new messaging and collaboration resources, nimble responses to changing regulatory requirements, and above all, having the talent in place to make it all happen.

And that is where Philadelphia’s administrative staffing companies come into play.

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Administrative Staffing Agencies – The Tool You Need for Dynamic Growth

Business runs on numbers and how those numbers are counted is key not only to the financial picture but also to operational decisions. More and more it is all about data. How it is gathered, how it is formatted, how it is analyzed, distributed, and validated can determine the direction of an organization. Data can change strategic and tactical objectives. Key to this data being useful is the administrative talent that harvests, analyzes, and distributes it.

We are not talking just accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. The Digital Workplace requires people who can create or manage digital tools for supply chains, HR, customer service, vendor relations, and a host of other administrative duties. Philadelphia’s administrative staffing agencies is the service that can ensure you have the administrative talent when you need it.

Just like you are an expert in your business, Philadelphia’s administrative staffing companies are experts in theirs. While methods have changed as a result of the pandemic, their base objectives of providing precisely the correct administrative skills, precisely the correct culture, at precisely the right time remain the same. Meeting a client’s administrative talent requirements, be it on a temporary or permanent basis, remains the core value of the industry.

You can use that value to respond to new challenges and opportunities. Focus on your business and let the staffing companies focus on providing the talent you need for dynamic growth.

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10 Administrative Staffing Companies Serving Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley

There is no shortage of staffing agencies in the Philadelphia metro area. Roughly 850 firms provide recruiting and staffing services for everything from CFOs to light industrial help. We are addressing administrative staffing services here, so we have listed what we consider to be leaders in that niche based on reputation, credibility, and experience for your review.

  • Innovo Staffing: Focused on finance and accounting talent ranging from senior leadership to accounts payable clerk, Innovo Staffing has built relationships with businesses of all sizes operating in diverse industries as well as the financial sector. Staffed with recruiters having direct experience in administrative positions, Innovo finds, vets, and presents talent on a direct-hire, temporary, or temp to permanent basis. Innovo is a member of the American Staffing Association.
  • Bradley Staffing Group: This Delaware Valley firm caters to Fortune 500 and multinational organizations and specializes in providing administrative talent in the pharmaceutical and information technology fields. In conjunction with its pharmaceutical administrative talent, the company recruits clinical and technical specialists as well.
  • Kaye Personnel: This family-owned staffing agency has been serving the Philadelphia market since 1983. They provide services on a temporary or temp to perm basis and focus on talent specializing in administrative assistants, call center operators, and customer service representatives.
  • LMS Staffing Solutions: Primarily addressing administrative needs in the medical, dental, legal, and accountancy fields; LMS Staffing Solutions has been working with employers in the Delaware Valley since 1987. LMS provides continuing professional training for both their temporary talent and recruiting staff.
  • The Bettinger Company: This American Staffing Association member has been providing administrative talent solutions since 1955. Relationship building is their strong suit both with their clients and understanding the task and understanding the culture makes for strong, effective matches.
  • Staffing Plus: Focusing on the healthcare industry, Staffing Plus provides a variety of administrative services. With numerous offices throughout Pennsylvania, Staffing Plus in Philadelphia has a large database to draw from particularly if a position can be filled by a remote worker.
  • The Emlin Group: A leader in property management staffing, Emlin Group recruiters all have extensive backgrounds in property management, construction, or real estate operations. They have a network that spans the country and focuses on placing C-suite talent and mid-level management. However, they also pride themselves in placing professional administrative talent experienced specifically in property management.
  • Rowland Personnel: One of the oldest staffing firms in the area, Rowland Personnel has been placing administrative talent with Philadelphia businesses including those on the Main Line for over 50 years. Rowland Personnel has an active continuing certification program for candidates and prides itself on the short order to placement time they deliver to clients.
  • Philly Temps & PermTM: Specializing in temporary assignments, Philly Temp & Perm also does temp to perm contracts. Their administrative services tend to focus on entry-level and mid-level talent like clerks, receptionists, and call center operators. In addition to administrative staffing, the company provides convention staffing as well.
  • Contemporary Staffing Solutions. This is a national company with offices in Philadelphia. As a company, they offer recruiting and staffing services across a wide range of occupational specialties. In the administrative field, the Philadelphia office focuses on accounting and finance, human resources, and call center operators. CSS offers its services on a direct-hire, temporary, and temp to hire basis.</h3>

Using the services of an administrative staffing company allows you the flexibility to optimize your workforce. Having the right talent, when you need it, provides companies with the capability to take on new projects, deal with seasonal surges, or fill critical leadership positions with minimal risk. The key to taking full advantage of this resource is finding the agency best suited to meet your needs and understand your culture.

So how do you find that agency? The American Staffing Association has put together a helpful list of tips when searching for a staffing company. At Innovo, we would encourage you to take a moment now to review the story and develop a plan. If we can assist you in developing a plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe an informed client is the best foundation for a long term relationship.

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