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Accounting News 8.05.2018


AICPA supports the latest bipartisan legislation involving tax preparer regulation

The AICPA has been a long time advocate for tax payers, as well as tax preparers and have recently given public support for new legislation they feel will benefit both tax payer and tax preparers.  Read  more about this new legislation here…


Has Federated Investors’ portfolio manager Steve Chiavarone lost confidence in the market?

During an interview with CNBC, Chiavarone confirmed he has “taken a few chips off the table”. To find out why and how he will continue to invest for the remainder of the year, continue reading…


Another retailer in financial difficulty

In the morning hours of August 2, 2018, Brookstone announced it will be closing all of its 101 mall locations. For the whole story on Brookstone’s recent announcement and more insight on the retail industry’s financial hardships, click here…


Underwitholding is predicted to affect millions of Americans, come tax season

According to a recent simulation by the Treasury Department, the GAO predicts that more Americans will owe taxes come April 2019.  This in large part is due to the new tax law enacted earlier this year.

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