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Accounting News of The Week

Accounting News 7.22.2018

Accounting firm’s race for technology

Technology’s influence has certainly made it’s mark in the accounting industry over the last several decades.  What was thought of as science fiction, is now becoming reality and accounting firms, both large and small are struggling to keep pace.  Read more….

AICPA seeks relief for small businesses

Accounting has been a longstanding struggle for many small businesses.  In recognition of the need for additional accounting support in the small business arena, the AICPA has decided to partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Read more on what this could mean for small business owners in the future…

The latest on New Jersey’s Tax Amnesty Program

For anyone affected by late tax filings in New Jersey, the Tax Amnesty Program has been a welcome relief.  For the latest on the program’s eligibility and requirements, continue to the full article…

Controversy over the TCJA makes its way into the courtroom

Since its release, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act has created much controversy and criticism.  Now, a handful of states are moving beyond reproof and seeking a federal court to issue an injunction that would rescind the new state and local tax deduction limit. For more details on the state’s arguments, read here…


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